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About Instagram

No description

Amber Sanchez

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of About Instagram

Instagram Instagram launched in the app store in October 6, 2012. By December, they had 1 million registered users. When was the your invention launched? Amber Sanchez Who is the inventor? It was invented by Kevin Systrom, and Mike Kreiger. They both graduated from Stanford University in 2006. As kids, they loved to take random pictures and edit them. Main reason for invention? To edit, and share public or private pictures with everyone else. Has it impacted in a good or bad way? It hasn't really made much change actually, it just allows you to edit and share photos. Are there similar products? Yes, like "Pic monkey". It allows you to edit and share photos, but you can only share them on Facebook. How have to sales changed over time? The more people they have registered, the more money they get. :)
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