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Ebonique Daisy and Daniela

Copper Canyon 9

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of FRENCH

By: Daisy , Daniela And Ebonique The French Culture Family is very important to the French.
They like keeping close relationships with one another because they enjoy getting along with one another.

French families usually consist of about 4 or 5 family members in one household.

Extended family, though, can be very large. Norms Family Basic Needs Government Values Technology Education Symbols Economy Language Arts and Leisure Norms.. Norms.. -You are expected to always say "Good morning" or "good evening" to someone when you first approach them. Also to say "goodbye" whenever you are leaving any place around town.

-You can only call a person by their first name if they're a close friend or family. Handshakes are one of the most common ways people greet each other. Greetings MARRIAGE

In France, there is a "marriage contract" which is very important because it divides up everything that the couple owns.

-In order for a marriage to be legal, all marriages must be performed by French authority.

-You have to have at least 40 days of residence in France before you get married. JOBS

-One of the most common jobs in France is working in an office.

-Males tend to get higher pay than the women in France.

-26% of the people in France have about 10-19 years of experience in working. EDUCATION-The French educational system is highly organized and centralized.
state and private, fee's vary from school to school
gov determines the curriculum
-Schooling is mandatory from the start of age 6-16
maternelle , Ecole primaire, college, lycee, lycee professionnel Elegance in their life is very important.Definitely a stylish culture, Passed down by generations, Encourage from earlychildhood, everything shows sophistication. France has specific laws concerning marriage.
French law only recognises civil marriage. This must be performed by a French Civil Authority , which includes the mayor , their legally authorised replacement - the deputy mayor or a city councillor. French Family Values

family is the social adhesive of the country and each member has certain duties and responsibilities.
The extended family provides both emotional and financial support.
family togetherness is a major priority
2 or 1 children
children spend more time outside and focusing on sports than video games
Sunday is a family day The administration of the governmental system is organized through the levels of nation, region, department, district, canton, and commune.
Thirty percent of the workforce is employed by the state. .
President head of state
President serves 7 year term
• based on popular vote
Appoints a prime minister with approval of parliament.
Politically divided by the right and the left
Highly centralized
Nicolas Sarkozy ,President since 2007 Transportation
Walking Cars Bikes
Motorcycles Airplanes Boats train

Telephone Sign language
Talking internet

House Apartments Wheat, poultry, dairy, beef, and pork, and wine industry are primary French agricultural exports. EU agriculture subsidies to France total almost $14 billion
France is also the most energy independent Western country due to heavy investment in nuclear power.86.9% in 2005).
France the smallest producer of carbon dioxide.
French companies invested $57.3 billion outside of France, ranking France as the second most important outward direct investor in the OECD
in 2004 France was the world's fifth-largest exporter and the fourth-largest importer of manufactured goods. In 2003, France was the 2nd-largest recipient of foreign direct investment among OECD countries at $47 billion
France is the most visited country in the world
Industries:machinery chemicals, automobiles, metallurgy, aircraft, electronics; textiles, food processing; tourism
sixth largest economy in the world in 2005
Markets are open from 9;30am to 7 pm. Monday though saturday 40% of wealth comes from tourist renevnue. French, with approximately 98 million speakers living principally in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and parts of Africa.
In southern France, Provençal, or Occitan, is spoken by about 12 million people. Formerly more unified as a literary language, Provençal now consists of a series of local dialects.

French are such languages, as are the varieties of Portuguese found in Macao and Goa.
French business behaviour emphasizes courtesy and a degree of formality.
. Mutual trust and respect is required to get things done.
. Trust is earned through proper behaviour.
. Creating a wide network of close personal business alliances is very important.
. If you do not speak French, an apology for not knowing their language may aid in developing a relationship.
. It is always a good idea to learn a few key phrases, since it demonstrates an interest in a long-term relationship.
. The way a French person communicates is often predicated by their social status, education level, and which part of the country they were raised.
. In business, the French often appear extremely direct because they are not afraid of asking probing questions.
. Written communication is formal. Secretaries often schedule meetings and may be used to relay information from your French business colleagues. Fitness and Recreation :

visitors can attend numbers of hotels, gyms, and clubs. Students spending a semester or academic year in France will find numerous football (soccer, for Americans!) clubs and other sports organizations (Every sport we do here expet they do skiing, boules and Many water related sports).
•Food & Drink

Handmade goods: Jelwery, soaps, home decore, and arts.

Avignon Festival

Cannes Film Festival


In France, there are a variety of homes. You can either buy one out in the country
away from the big cities and towns. Or you can choose to live in the city where the
houses are much closer to one another.

France is one of the world's biggest places to go for fashion inspiration.
A lot of the very popular brands now came from France.
Men, women, and even children are always up to dat with the latest trends.


A lot of the French food is found on the street markets at anytime. There are several
restaurants always next to each other out on the streets. Most of these places have
various tables outside and require to eat out there, There are also dozens of
market shops in France that are very large and have a variety of foods to eat. The French Flag: the Tricolore. The Tricolore (tricolour, tricoleur, tricolor) is only visual French symbol with the official sanction of article 2 of the French Constitution of 1958.

Sealunder the Ancien Régime showed the king sitting on this throne and dispensing justice. All edicts, orders, decrees and declarations were sealed. As in other European monarchies, each king had his own seal, created at his accassion and destroyed at his death.

Royal Seals

The Cross of Lorraine. The Second World War was fought by the Free French under the sign of the Cross of Lorraine , the emblem chosen by the Resistance to distinguish their flag from the tricolour which had been kept by the Vichy Government. The Cross of Lorraine is therefore used regularly on monuments commemorating the 1940-1945 period, from the greatest monuments to the humblest places marking the fighting in the maquis HOLIDAYS

-This French national holiday celebrates the storming of the Bastille, which took place on 14 July 1789.

-Menton's Lemon Festival is an annual celebration of citrus, featuring sculptures made of lemons and oranges. COMMUNICATIONS

-The French usually always speak directly to another person because they're not afraid of asking questions

-Written communications such as letters are very formal.

-Trust and respect is needed for good relationships with others.

-Creating close relationships with others is very good, especially for businesses. The Seal of the Republic (The Seal of State).

The seal shows on the obverse a female figure representing Liberté (Liberty). She is personnified as Juno (Hera) seated, robed and wearing a crown of seven arches. This is the same crown that is so familiar from the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, a gift from the French to the American people. USD FRF
0.50 2.54

1.00 5.07

2.00 10.14

5.00 25.36

10.00 50.72

20.00 101.45

50.00 253.62 cuisine;
cheese, wine, and pastry are vital components if their food.Coq au vin, Crêpes, Baguette, Chocolate mousse, rème Brûlée, and Éclair are very popula in the world

Christianity dominant, have a lot of churches and basilicas, french are very advanced in technology poor french better speak engligh Artist Paul Cesar Helleu 1859-1927 Paul Cesar Helleu (French artist, 1859-1927) La Femme Aux Fluers Death Stays the Hand of the Sculptor

by Daniel Chester French Paul Cesar Helleu (French artist, 1859-1927) La Femme Aux Fluers Oldest established western Christian church,Largest single religious body
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