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Boston: Through My Eyes

By: Madelyn

Madelyn McLain

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Boston: Through My Eyes

Boston: Through My Eyes
By: Madelyn History Boston was founded on September 7, 1630 by Puritan colonists from England.
On September 16, Boston was named.
Boston is known for:
The Boston Tea Party,
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride,
the Red Sox, and the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.
Boston is home to the oldest park in the country. It is called Boston Commons.
Cattle grazed in the Commons until 1830. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech in Boston Commons. The park is made up on 50 acres of land. Harvard Harvard was established in 1636. it was named after John Harvard, the first donor. There are about 6,700 students at Harvard. Thousands of students have graduated from Harvard over the years.
In 1683 John Harvard gave Harvard half of his estate and 400 books out of his library. Harvard is the oldest Institution of Learning in the United States. The Bunker Hill Monument was built to remember the Battle of Bunker Hill. The monument is made of granite. You have to climb 294 steps to get to the top of the monument.
The Bunker Hill Monument is actually on Breed’s Hill, not Bunker Hill. It was built between 1827 and 1843. The Bunker Hill Monument The Old North Church is the oldest active church building in Boston. It was built in 1723 by Episcopalians. It was designed by William Prince. The first minister in the Old North Church was Timothy Cutler. The Old North Church is a historic landmark because Paul Revere sent 3 people that worked in the church to hang a lantern on the church steeple on his famous midnight ride. As the saying goes, "one if by land, two if by sea". The Old North Church Paul Revere’s house was built in 1680 and was the home of an American patriot in the time of the American Revolution. It was designed by John Jeffs.
Around the 18th century Paul decided to renovate the house by raising the roofline facing the street and removing the attic.
Paul Revere owned this house from 1770 to 1800. Paul Revere’s House Facts Popular Attractions Boston Duck Tours
The Freedom Trail
Red Sox Games
The John F. Kennedy Library
Paul Revere's House
The Bunker Hill Monument
The Old North Church
The Boston Harbor
The Prudential Center
New England Aquarium My personal experiences
yahoo.com Boston is home to the first public school, the first fire deparment, the first public library, the first elementary school, and the first college, known as Harvard.
The Ted Williams Tunnel in Boston is the deepest tunnel in North America. It is 90 feet deep. I went through that tunnel on our trip to to Boston last summer.
Boston is currently one of the largest cities and also one of the oldest cities.
The Boston harbor hosts the first lighthouse ever built in the United States called Boston Light. It is on Beacon Island. The lighthouse was built in 1716 and was deactivated during World War II. Fenway Park The Boston Commons Boston Duck Tours Fenway Park was first built in 1912.
It was rebuilt in 1934. The seats in the stadium now are the original seats. The seating capacity is 37,493 seats.
The Red Sox got their name from their owner, John I. Taylor. Fenway Park is home to the "Green Monster". It is taller than any other Mlb wall standing at 37 feet tall. I went to see a Red Sox game on our trip to Boston over the summer. This was one of my favorite attractions. My Trip to Fenway Park Me Driving Credits:
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