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hey boyfriend

just a little fun from the states... =)

Allison Wilder

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of hey boyfriend

I wanted to write you a letter.... So I decided that I could write you a fun letter like this while you are gone in... Dear Critter, This might be kinda dorky But you have to admit, it's pretty cool And I have always been a
nerd anyway right?? We weren't even friends until I reached your "cool" status =)
see following... I don't know who you fooled to believe that! I miss you... But that is also a feeling I have gotten used to. Mostly, I just wanted to say... I Love Glee. The episode was so good this week!
I cried. haha Well... And also I Love You I am sending you my love
and a turtle because you like them! Always, Allie p.s. not only do i love you but I am completely totally ridiculously crazy about you. Hope you have a great day! It feels so wonderful to say that to you Remember the tankini???
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