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La Pobreza

No description

Michael Giammarino

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of La Pobreza

La Pobreza (Poverty) El Hombre Viejo El Muerte La Higuera There once was an old woman named Pobreza. She owned a fig tree (higuera). The people of Probeza's village would always come to her house and steal the figs from her fig tree freely as they pleased. This continued and greatly upset Probeza. One day Pobreza went into the village and saw an old man was begging alms in town and was very hungry. Pobreza felt bad for the old man and decided to offer him some of the fruit from her tree rather than give him money. Pobreza brought the old man home and gave him some lunch from her tree. The old man was so thankful that he said "Because you have been so kind to me, I will grant you one wish". Pobreza then wished that anyone who climbed her fig tree to get figs would get stuck and have to get her permission to come down. He granted it then went on his way. After this Death (el muerte) came to Pobreza and told her that she was going to die. Pobreza asked if she could have a last meal before she dies. Death agreed. She asked if he could climb up her fig tree to get her some figs. He agreed again He climbed up and realized that he was stuck. Because of this, all the sick people in the village could not die and had to suffer with their ailments. They quickly came to Probeza and asked for her to let him go... She agreed to let him go and he was released. Death left and never came back to Probeza. It is because of this that Probeza never died and that is why poverty still exists today. El Fin By: Zorro Giammarino This story was written a long time ago around the time of the Mayans. It is believed that the early spanish conquistadors translated it into spanish and passed the story down the generations. It is a story that explains the reason for poverty in the world in a quirky and fun manner. Había una mujer vieja que se llamaba la pobreza que tenía un higuera. Todos los días las personas del pueblo se subió al árbol y le robaron sus higos. Pero un día, un hombre viejo estaba pidiendo limosna. Pobreza decidió darle higos en lugar de dinero. Porque de esta, le concedió un deseo. Ella deseaba que las personas que toman su higos se quedan atrapados en el árbol. Un día, Muerte llegó a tomar Pobreza. Le dijo a Muerte tomar algunos higos antes de salir. Se enamoró de su trampa y no tomo Pobreza. Es por eso que la pobreza aún existe.
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