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Siane Sahdra

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Switzerland

Switzerland is the closest state in the world to a direct democracy (e.g. any change in constitution or law, referendum is required or can be requested for)
On the Guardian website, there is a page that ranks each
country's charitableness, or generosity. There is a table below that I made according to the data that was given on the website.
Europe Map:
National Flag:
Perceptions of corruption in government & businesses:
Why Switzerland is better than Iceland:
Why is Switzerland better than Denmark:
Why Switzerland is better than Norway:
Why is Switzerland better than Canada:
Switzerland Stats:
Scenery in Switzerland:
Graph of percentage of people who can rely on their community
Civic engagement
Life Satisfaction

Continent: Europe
Region: Western/Central Europe
Coordinates: 47° N 8° E
Total area: 41,285 km²
Highest point Monte Rosa: 4,634 m
Lowest point Lake Maggiore: 193 m
moderate no excessive heat, cold, or humidity
8 054 589 (49.2% male-50.8% female)
Uses Swiss Francs as currency
0.78% population growth rate
8 million people (2013)
Ethnic groups are: German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%
Multi-party federal directorial democratic republic
Have three levels on government: federal, cantons and communal
Before we get started...
wishes for a better life...
- No political corruption
- Housing, jobs, stable income
- Clean/safe drinking water and food
- Community and personal freedom
Tour of Switzerland:
Be 2.2 times more likely to be unemployed
Consume 2 times more oil
Use 96.17% more electricity
Make 21.35% less money
Be 2 times more likely to be murdered
Have 7.15% less free time
Be 40.48% more likely to be in prison
Be 26.27% more likely to die in infancy
Experience 11.85% more of a class divide
Die 0.72 years sooner
Have 1.81% fewer babies
Be 87.5% more likely to be unemployed
Make 31.02% less money
Die 3.3 years sooner
Be 9.92% more likely to die in infancy
Have 2.48% fewer babies
Use 3.2 times more electricity
Be 12.5% more likely to be unemployed
Consume 55% more oil
Be 28.57% more likely to be murdered
Spend 0.84% more money on health care
Die 0.79 years sooner
Switzerland was ranked 7th out of 177 countries in Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index. Protection of property rights is strongly enforced, and an independent and fair judicial system is institutionalized throughout the economy. Commercial and bankruptcy laws are applied consistently and efficiently. Intellectual property rights are respected and enforced.
Switzerland is ranked 1st out of 43 countries in Europe.
Siane, Winnie, Christina, Matthew, Max,
Here in Switzerland, the economy is one of the world's most stable economies. Its policy of long-term financial security and political stability has made Switzerland a safe haven for investors. Switzerland's economy is becoming increasingly dependent on foreign investment.Switzerland has achieved one of the highest per capita incomes in the world with low unemployment rates and a balanced budget. The service sector has also come to play a significant economic role.

Higher pay and lower taxes:
The wages in Switzerland are reasonably high. Our cousins work as a waiter, they get paid a minimum of 20 CHF per hour. But if you're an engineer, attorney, surgeon or a banker, like Christina, Siane, Winnie, Matthew and Max, their salaries are a lot better than their US friends. On top of that, the taxes are
relatively lower.
84,815.41 USD (2013)
Current News:
In Switzerland, there is a campaign currently running to hold a referendum on a universal basic income. Here it's proposed that each adult should receive 30,000 Swiss francs, or about CAD$35,000, per year. That is a far more generous plan than most basic income proposals.
- 80% of the working-age population aged 15 to 64 has a paid job.
- 74% of the women have a well paid job. Siane, Christina and Winnie here.
- 85 % of the men have a well paid job. Max and Matthew here.
- Here in Switzerland we earn USD 54 236 per year on average which in Swiss Franc (CHF) currency is 50,851.94.
- Workers face only a 3% possibility of losing their job. Fortunately, we won't need to worry!
The health of a citizen is a direct outcome of environmental and social factors.
According to the organization for economic co-operation and development, when asked "how is your health today?", 81% of the population in Switzerland replied with "good or great".
- Switzerland enjoys one of the highest life expectancies at nearly 83 years.
- Women is 85 years, compared with 81 for men

1. Lung Cancers
2. Breast Cancer
3. Colon-Rectum Cancers
4. Prostate Cancer
5. Pancreas Cancer
- Largest private health insurer in Switzerland
- Provides prevention and reintegration services for employees suffering from mental health problems.
- Provides case management for employees who face difficulties in returning to work after an accident or sickness, when requested by either the employer or the employees themselves.
- Companies are offered support to develop a healthy work environment and to develop a prevention plan.
Personal security is a prominent factor for the well-being of individuals. This includes the risks of people being physically assaulted or falling victim to other types of crime.

- Men are more likely to be victims of assault than women
- But Siane, Christina and Winnie have a lower sense of security than Max and Matthew because of the possibility of sexual attacks and rape along with the feeling that we must protect our future children from any source of harm.

Switzerland has a homicide rate of 0.5%. The homicide rate is the average number of reported homicides per 100,000 people. This is very low compared to the average of 4% in other European countries.
According to the OECD website, an average of 96% of Swiss citizens have someone to count on in time of need! Where as the average percentage in European countries is 88%.
Humans are social creatures. The frequency of our contact with others and the quality of our personal relationships are thus crucial determinants of our well-being.
95% of men believe they have this kind of social support, compared with 97% of women.
- There is a freedom to vote.
- But despite that, there is a minority of female voters due to their perceptions of democratic institutions. Siane, Winnie and Matthew don't actively take part in election because we do not feel like it is important in their everyday lives.
- Switzerland holds frequent elections and as a result voters turnout has decreased to 49% of those who resisted.
- Women are a minority in elected representatives BUT they hold 31% of the seats in the national parliament.
Switzerland is considered a ‘citizens’ democracy! Anyone can introduce or change a law by gaining
100 000 signatures of support, after which their proposal would go to a referendum.

- 1.3% of the population still works in the primary sector (Agriculture)
- 27.7% of the population works in the secondary sector (Industry) Like Max and Christina since they are engineers
- 71% of the population works in the tertiary sector. (Services) Matthew is a banker, Winnie is an attorney and Siane is a

Human rights are guaranteed in Switzerland!!
Switzerland is often at or near the head in respecting civil liberties and political rights.
6. Lymphomas
7. Liver Cancer
8. Stomach Cancer
9. Leukemia
10. Oesophagus Cancer

Education plays a key role in providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to participate effectively in the society and in the economy. Having a good education greatly improves the likelihood of finding a job and earning enough money to sustain you and your family.
- 86% of adults aged 25-64 have completed secondary education
- 89% of men have successfully completed high-school compared with 84% of women
- More men complete tertiary education (University/College) than women, at 45% and 33% respectively.
- The citizens of Switzerland can expect to go through 17.3 years of education between the ages of 5 and 39.

varies with altitude; cloudy, rainy, snowy winters; cool to warm, cloudy, humid summers with occasional showers
Two-thirds of the area of Switzerland is covered with forests, lakes and mountains. Since Switzerland has no mineral resources, it must import, process and resell them as products. The most important part of their economy is services. This includes banking and tourism.
Farming is also an important part of the economy. But farming does not fulfill the needs of all people, so Switzerland must rely on imported goods from other countries.
Air Pollution:
Air pollution in urban areas, often caused by transport and the use of small-scale burning of wood or coal, is linked to a range of health problems. They can range from irritation in the eyes to lung diseases.
PM10 is a tiny matter particle that can easily be inhaled in your lungs. This can harm your health and reduce your life expectancy. In Switzerland, the measure PM10 is 19.8 micrograms per cubic meter. This is slightly lower than the guideline limit set by the World Health Organization, which is 20 micrograms.

: Switzerland is the number one country providing the best quality drinking water to its citizens. The water resources department in the country takes various measures to provide drinking water without polluting the water resources or the environment. The tap water that comes out of Swiss taps has the same quality as that of mineral water, which you buy in bottles. However, the cost of this high quality tap water is nearly five hundred times cheaper than bottled mineral water. As well 96% of the population state that they are satisfied with their drinking water. Siane was one of the 4% unsatisfied.
Why the people of Togo should come to Switzerland:
Use 7 times more electricity

These are laws that allow the possibility for individuals to access undisclosed information. The public should have a clear understanding of their rights under the law, should be able to file requests with ease and should be protected against any possible retribution. Requests for information can be submitted either in writing, online, by telephone or in person.
Switzerland is a peaceful and prosperous country with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a per capita GDP among the highest in the world.
Switzerland is a small country with a relatively small population without a lot of natural resources. But the one resource that they take great care of and invest a lot of time and money into is the
! The government of Switzerland takes great measures to ensure the safety and more importantly the
of their citizens!
Don't forget the endless heaps of delicious chocolate that's available right at your fingertips!
Be 40.63% more likely to be unemployed
Consume 2 times more oil
Make 25.73% less money
Have 6.99% less free time
Die 1.17 years sooner
The government is now looking at electronic alternatives to make it more efficient for their citizens to access services and speed up the administrative process. The Swiss e-government strategy sets common objectives for the central, state and local governments. E-voting is already a priority project, with other beginning projects under way.
And Finally
The people of Togo wish to live in a country where life is not about surviving but thriving.

A country where the government is not made up of decades and decades of rigged elections and injustice but rather of love and care for its citizens. We are proud to say that our nation, Switzerland, takes great care to protect and nurture us. The Swiss government constantly seeks for ways to improve itself and allows us, the people, to voice our opinions and voice our concerns. The Swiss government is far from corrupt.
Then there is education. Good quality education is the key to economic development. in Switzerland 86% of adults aged 25-64 have completed secondary education and 89% of men have successfully completed high-school compared with 84% of women. As well, we haven't mentioned this before but there is an assessment run by PISA that is done on the students internationally that determines how reliable the country's curriculum is based on the average score. Here in Switzerland, the average score for math, science and language arts was 518 and the average across the world is 497! Yup, we're that good!!!
The people of Togo wish to move to a country where they have access to safe food and potable water. Here in Switzerland 96% of people say they are satisfied with water quality. Needless to say, Switzerland is a rich country and easily feeds their citizens.
Finally, lets not forget about community. Being apart of your community is a very important factor in feeling happy. Here in Switzerland, we love one another and we can surely say that we feel safe. And it's not just us, 96% of the people here in Switzerland agree as well!!! In times of need, we can always count on our friends here in Switzerland.
The people of Togo wish to immigrate to a county where there is personal freedom. Here in Switzerland, we believe that every citizen of every race, every age and every gender have human rights. We respect human rights!!! In fact, here in Switzerland it is legal for a citizen to request to view an unclosed document form the government. This shows great trust and respect between us and the government. We are very satisfied with our freedom here in Switzerland.
Here is Switzerland you can expect to live quite long and quite happy. Switzerland enjoys one of the highest life expectancies at nearly 83 years.
For women is 85 years, and for men it's 81 years. That's not all, we even have a private health insurer called Helsana that provides help for employees who are suffering from a physical or mental illness. See? I told you our government cares for us!
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