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Operations Management N.E

No description

Rachel Lengyel

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Operations Management N.E

TOYOTA... Let's Go Places Toyota Production System Operations Management in the New Economy By:
Rachel Lengyel
Emily Drum
Michael Williams
Deanna Yonts The Toyota name represents: Toyota give 100 vehicles to nonprofits. Now those vehicles are on the road and helping those in need. Innovation Diversity Marketing Toyota Fun Vii Let's think big. Let's see what's possible.
Let's make cars more exciting.
Let's share good ideas.
Let's help make great things happen.
Let's imagine a better world.
Then let's make one. Environment community 100 CARS FOR GOOD MISSION: Globalization Diversity Technology TOYOTA PARTNERS WITH MICROSOFT The Toyota TogetherGreen program is comprised of the following elements:


Innovation Grants:

Engagement Campaigns: Lean Manufacturing System or JIT System 2 Main Principles: Jidoka and Just-In-Time Jidoka-Automation with a human touch JIT- Making only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed. Toyota team members: Community Toyota used their production system to help St. Vincent D. Paul Church feed local family's for Thanksgiving. T.P.S Helping Non- Profit Conclusion Strategic Planning Engineering Marketing A car,
a smartphone,
entertainment console

Concept Car merges all 3 together to produce the ultimate driving experience.

The “Vii” stands

Toyota Fun Vii Concept Car is designed to instantly change inside and out. massive LED-screen exterior personalized display on the outside,
engineered to connect with roadways, infrastructure and even other cars. "Made by TOYOTA" instead of USA or China 2008 Audubon and Toyota joined forces to create.... TogetherGreen, Globalization Toyota is partnering with Microsoft to develop the next generation of in-car technology. Creating a new system that gives drivers access to entertainment and navigation features, but will allow you to manage energy consumption inside and outside of your car, while you drive. -Toyota focuses on mass marketing.

-They use segmentation to further target groups within society.

-Toyota can afford to do this because of the vast range of vehicles
they offer and the huge revenue they achieve.

-Toyota uses these segments to market and advertise different
vehicles for them. What is Operations Management? Operations: The transformation process of inputs into outputs.

Management: Determines the way the organization moves through this transformation process.

Operations Management: The study of how the company moves through the transformation process. Ask important questions that will give direction to the operation. Strategic Planning is a set of procedures for making decisions about the company. Toyota manufactures vehicles and also maintains commitment to the community and to the environment. Toyota's approach is long term oriented using the flat structure.

Refers to employees as "team members" What is our approach? Define mission: What business are we in? TPS philosophy: the complete elimination of all waste Kaizen means Continuous Improvement Toyota puts efforts into improving: Toyota Production System
Safety Toyota has been around over 50 years. Toyota vehicles over 170 countries. Toyota develops localization production bases, producing vehicle 51 plants in 26 different countries. R&D bases in 9 locations overseas. Sales and service, consistent globally and localization." 1.Toyota has an extraordinary mission. 2.Their work culture exemplifies the companies values. 3.Toyota respects it's employees, work places and the environment. 4.Diverse environment, allows for fresh ideas 5.Toyota's Business Partnering Groups deals with mentoring programs! 6. Career development believe in promoting from within! Engineering Strategic
Planning TPS
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