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Jakes Prezi


Jake Metoyer

on 13 January 2010

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Transcript of Jakes Prezi

Murdouse Coke
Machine Con He was steeling the pop Although the loved one to thousands was killed, there were parts of the story that probably were not mentioned to the public. since March 27, 1944 Another thing that you should definitly know is that They are sueing the wrong person I personally know people that have sued from being injured by a product of a company. People do sue but when they are breaking the law they cant expect to win. The coke machine is not built to be shaken or tilted in any way. He was commiting a crime in the first place. His age The UCLA research center discoverd that ages 18-24 is when the Frontal Lobe is fully developed. This is the part of your brain that makes your decisions. Thats why when a teen gets punished their punisment is not as harsh, due to the fact they are not as developed and can't make the right decisions like an adult. 18 is considerd an adult and Kevin Mackle was 19 years old so most likely his frontal lobe was fully devoloped and he knew what can happen and his consequences if he got caught.
They should not be sueing the school, or Coca Cola because they are not responsible for putting a warning sign. It is the industry that made the machine. Coca Cola just puts their name on it, and fills it with their product. Citation http://www.g2conline.org/?gclid=CIHa38PbnJ8CFQ_yDAodP21-_g I found that he was finishing his exams and was being non responsible and had a alcohal level of over the legal limit to operate machine. therfor it was his own personal fault and could not control his actions
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