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The Decline of Atlantic Cod Fisheries

No description

Julia List

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of The Decline of Atlantic Cod Fisheries

The Decline of Atlantic Cod Fisheries
Fishing Restrictions
Samuel Hearne (1745-1792)
Harold Innis (1894-1952)
Roger Grimes (1950-Present)
Fisheries- General
Top Harvesters of Atlantic Cod
The Fish and New England
The Method
Courtesy of Brittanica
Important Figures throughout the Centuries
2006 global production from fishing and aquaculture was approximately 144 million tonnes, 100 million for human consumption
90% annual catch from oceans/seas
Aquaculture- breeding and rearing of fish, shellfish and plants in captivity
fun facts courtesy of greenfacts.org and the United Nations
Per capita supply of 16.7 kg!!
Graph courtesy of David Tribe, Ph. D University of Melbourne
General Name: Atlantic Cod
Gadus Morhua
Doppleganger: G.Macrocephalus
Weight: up to 211 lbs (average is 88.11)
Length: up to 78 in
Lifespan: up to 25 years
Trends in Capture
Capture of cod in million tonnes
Information sourced from the FAO
Minimum mesh size- 20.3 cm
Northest Multispecies Management Plan
source: NOAA fish watch
Areas closed to fishing seasonally
Restrictions of size of fishing gear
Cap on groundfish bycatch
Loss of biodiversity due to:
-increased fishing technology
-High demand
-uncertainty in assessment

minimum size requirements for catch
Canada-US agreement
Loss of fisheries:
-cultural loss
-economic strife
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Scientists Talk
"Cod is about a third of the way to full recovery, and haddock is already back to historical biomass levels"
-Brian Petrie, a member of the Canadian surveying team of the Scotian Shelf off Canada
Further Research
"scientists need to fully explore whether climate change is affecting the North Atlantic Ocean ecosystem"

"[An interruption in the food chain was] probably as important in influencing declines in cod abundance as the effects of fishing"
Dr.Rothschild, UMASS Dartmouth
"Our results could also have implications for the recommendation that seal herds off Atlantic Canada should be reduced to promote cod stock recovery"
-Swain and Sinclair
"Has recruitment during the recent period of low abundance been unusually low, or was it unusually high during the earlier low-abundance period?"
-DP Swain and AF Sinclair,
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