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Practice report

Bayer d.o.o.

Janez Kovačič

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Practice report

presentation About Bayer d.o.o. German chemical and pharmaceutical company (1863)
Friedrich Bayer and his partner Johann Friedrich Weskott
well-known as the owner of the Aspirin trademark

three subgroups and three services companies
Bayer CropScience Bayer HealthCare Bayer MaterialScience Bayer Business Services Bayer Technology Services Currenta crop protection and non-agricultural pest control
major activities in seeds and crop plants with genetically optimized properties pharmaceutical and medical products
products that improve the health
of people and animals center for IT-based services
The focus is on integrated services of IT infrastructure
and applications, logistics, management services, finance... is a renowned supplier of high-performance materials such as poly-carbonates
develops solutions for a broad range of applications relevant to everyday life is engaged in process development and in process and
plant engineering, construction and optimization offers services for the chemical industry including utility supply,
waste management, infrastructure, safety, security... My work at Bayer company
as HELPDESK manager repairing computers
installing new hardware removing computer viruses
protect computer from viruses set up the wireless network adding new printers
installing drivers installing and removing programs changing databases in MS Access helping users with computer programs
solving problems and errors THE END =)
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