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5 Pros and Cons of the Internet.

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Tiana Strassel

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of 5 Pros and Cons of the Internet.

Pro #1
Communication With Family and Friends
Con #1
Pro #2
Online Shopping
Con #2
Pro #3
Online streaming. (Music, movies etc.)
Con #3
Pro #4
Quick access to the latest news.
Con #4
Addictive and Distracting
5 Pros and Cons of the Internet.
By: Tiana Strassel.
Some people have family and friends who live in different areas of the world. The internet is the best way to connect with them. It's free too! Instead of paying money to make a long distance phone call, you can use Skype and make a
Viruses are dangerous because they can erase important files from your computer. An important file could be something for work or for a school project, and I guarantee you wouldn't want to do the project over.
At times like Christmas, online shopping can make life easier. It's a quicker way to get your shopping done! Also, if you go to a store looking for a specific item, it might be out of stock! Where on the internet, it has a better chance of being in stock.
There are people in the world known as 'hackers.' Hackers can be dangerous in many ways. It can go from hacking into administration files from school to hacking into someones Facebook or Twitter account. Either way there is danger and a lot of personal information can be found.
There are many online streaming things. Such as Netflix, Spotify, Shomi etc. With streaming online, you can get free music and pay a small fee for almost unlimited movies. It's so much easier too!

We all know of this little things called cyberbullying. Actually, it's not little. People out there everyday are being bullied online. And online it's the worst because there's a possibility the person is anonymous. Cyberbullying is on social media, which is currently one of the most used thing in the world.
Instead of waiting for the paper to come in the morning, or waiting for the news, you can easily look it up on the internet. It's quick too. You don't have to flip through pages to find a certain article, just look it up and find it in seconds!
The internet it extremely addictive and also very distracting. You could be working on homework for school and get a text from your friend to watch a video. Two hours later you realize you're still watching videos and haven't finished your homework!
Pro #5
Easy research.
Nowadays it's so much easier for people to research things. Instead of looking it up in the encyclopedia, they can type the world in google and find one thousand things on it. It's very helpful for students having to do big projects.
Con #5
The internet is not completely safe
With things like Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people put personal information on there. And a lot aren't careful to put it on private, or friends only. There could be people out there who are stalking you and they find everything about you, such as your full name, city, school, etc. And that's not good at all.
Now you know, the internet is both good and bad.
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