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Paul Hilpertshauser

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

"All Against Racism"
The problem
A valuable support
Some solutions
Focus on young people
Why a "Grassroots movement" ?
- Description

- Why ?

- The objectives ?

- What are we doing ?

- Our future project ?
The political world has changed

Increase of racism

Avoid conflations

Save our society
Young people are not involved enough in the voting system

Only 1 out of 3 young voted

In 2015’s election the first political party in the 18-34 population was the "Front national"

They need to be reassured and more informed
From the real bottom of the society

Implication of people and the wish to change the society
Since 2005
« tous contre le racisme » from IGR

Generous donors : 1 million €

Many people get involved in our cause

This movement is important for a lot of people

It's heartwarming to see this implication
We don’t want to use a greater power to change things, we want to do it ourselves.
- Be active on social networks

- #AllAgainstRacism

- To mobilize celebrities
- To create television advertising campaigns

- To distribute booklets

- To use billboards
We need support
- The poster campaign : 200 000 €

- Television spot : 1 000 000 €

- Meetings equipment : 250 000 €

- Operating costs : 50 000 €

Carrying 2 market surveys : FREE
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