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Values of Madagascar

No description

Morgan Davis

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Values of Madagascar

Values of Madagascar
Family Cell
A family cell to the Malagasy people, is pretty much their whole family. Not just intermediate family.
Families are often viewed as inseparable.
When children become adults and start their own life, they usually still live around their families.
The children are almost servant like; but not in a bad way. They look up to their elders.
The Elders
The elders are looked up to, and are seen as spiritual connectors
They are also known as "Soothsayers."
Soothsayers dedicate their time to harmonize the society and educate children
Have a strong spiritual connection with God
To the Malagasy people, their lands are considered very sacred.
There are specific lakes and forests that are deemed off limits.
They believe that these areas are resting grounds for the spirits of ancestors.
This is a process when a passed loved one is re-wrapped with silk and other fine materials
This happens every 3-7 year
After the ceremony, there is a huge feast to celebrate the spirit of the passed loved one,
Malagasy Hospitality
The people of Madagascar are very friendly, kinda like some people in the south. (but obviously, we're pretty different)
They take time to greet one another with respect, no matter who you are
Approaching these people in a fowl manner, will get you nowhere.
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http://malagasyculturalvoices.blogspot.com/ April 27. 2015
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