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Relocating to Ireland

A simple guide to all you need to know about relocating to Ireland

Stelfox Recruitment

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Relocating to Ireland

All the Information you need to know if you are considering relocating
Relocating to Ireland
Why Ireland?
Interested in hearing more?
According to an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report published recently Ireland is the 12th best place to live in the world while Forbes places Ireland as the best country to do business in!
Rental Prices:
When deciding on where to rent accommodation in Ireland, the most popular property websites for renting are:
Get in touch with us now to find the best opportunity in Dublin for YOU
If you are considering relocating, we can offer you some of the best opportunities in Europe and the world.
Ireland By Numbers
Getting Started
If you are considering a move to Ireland the best place to start is by doing some research using some popular web sites:
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ireland
Dublin Town http://dublintown.ie/
Dublin.ie http://www.dublin.ie/
Discover Ireland http://www.discoverireland.ie/
Ireland.com http://www.ireland.com/
www.daft.ie (Most popular renting website)
Renting prices in Dublin can vary depending on where you live or how close you are to public Transport.
The average price to rent a two bedroom apartment can range from €900 up to €1500 per month depending on location, size, etc.
For a one bedroom apartment it usually ranges from €800 to €1300 per month
In relation to renting, once you have found a suitable place, you will need to put down a deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent, along with the one month rent). You will get the deposit amount back if you decide to move to a new location.
The following is a general guide of rental prices in Ireland, as per Daft.ie February 2014 figures.
Personal Public Service (PPS) Number
Registration Process for your PPS number:

When entering the Country, it is important that you register for your PPS number as soon as you can.

•Photo ID (Passport is preferred or valid Driving Licence)
•Proof of address in Ireland (Utility bill that shows your name on it) – if your name is not on the household bills, then you will need to get a signed written reference from the main Bill holder at the address you are renting. The Utility bill must be as recent as the last two months. – For more information on this point – it is advisable that you speak with your recruitment agent on the best step / solution for this as they will be able to advise you fully.
•Complete the application forms on-site in the Social welfare office

Once you provide all the necessary documentation, the social welfare office will post a letter out to your address with your PPS number. The normal processing time is 3-5 working days.

Local social Welfare office in Dublin
5th Floor,
Kings Inn House,
Parnell Street,
Dublin 1

In order to work in Ireland, you are required to obtain a PPS number. The PPS number is a unique identifier that Governmental agencies use to allow people to obtain access to social welfare benefits and Public services.
It is used by your employer and Revenue Commissioner for taxation purposes

Banking Providers & Types of accounts available:

•Bank of Ireland (BOI) – both Current & Deposit accounts – www.boi.ie
•Allied Irish Bank (AIB) – both Current & Deposit accounts – www.aib.ie
•Permanent TSB – both Current & Deposit accounts – www.permanenttsb.ie
•Ulster Bank – both Current & Deposit accounts - www.ulsterbank.ie
•Danske Bank – both Current & Deposit accounts – www.danskebank.ie
•Rabodirect – On-line Saving / Deposit account only (on-line Bank) – www.rabodirect.ie
•KBC Bank – Saving / Deposit account only – www.kbc.ie

**Note** – before opening any bank account, it is important to compare all banking providers in Ireland to see who offers the best interest rates on your savings and if / what type of charges might be linked to your current account if any.

Check out these websites to help in your research and choose a suitable provider for you:
When arriving in Ireland, setting up an Irish bank account should be a priority for you. Most employers transfer salary directly into an employee’s bank account through an on-line transaction, which is done at the end of each month. Therefore it is important for you to set up a Bank account and as soon as you can
Salary Guide
We have put together a simple table that displays the Net salary amounts after tax has been already deducted to make your research slightly easier and less time consuming.

This guide only takes basic salary figures into account. Most employers will offer some additional benefits on top of your basic salary such as Health cover, Pension contributions, Bonuses and etc. Your assigned recruitment agent will inform you of these additional benefits when exploring an opportunity.

The different between Gross salary and Net salary is the combined Tax amount that is paid on your behalf by your employer to the Revenue commissioner (government). This tax figure is made up of Income tax, PRSI payments and the Universal Social charge.

The Net salary figures under the section Married are based on an employee who is married, however their partner is not working and there is only one income coming into the household.

The table above is just a simple guide with the purpose of giving a quick overview of what someone can expect to earn if they are on a certain salary in Ireland. It is difficult to cover every possible scenario so further investigation is recommended if you want to understand the Tax system in more detail
IRELAND'S education system is ranked 11th in the world in a new global top 50 ranking.
Trinity College Dublin http://www.tcd.ie/
University College Dublin http://www.ucd.ie/
Dublin Institute of Technology http://www.dit.ie/
What can we offer you??
Along with a highly skilled work force and the highest education standards, Ireland offers international companies a highly attractive corporation tax rate of 12.5% meaning the most successful IT companies in the world are based here.
Getting around Dublin
Dublin is a great city to get around supported by fantastic public transport links! Below are the most used methods of transport
Bus http://www.dublinbus.ie/
Dart http://www.iarnrodeireann.ie/dart
Luas http://www.luas.ie/
Dublin Bikes http://www.dublinbikes.ie/
If you want access to opportunities in the largest and best tech companies in the world, Dublin is the city for you!
Dublin is a vibrant city with a huge amount of opportunities in the tech sector. We are looking for the most talented engineers in the world to come to Dublin and develop the growing IT scene even further.
Does that sound like you?
Dublin - Europe's Tech Hub 2014
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