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katherin marcela

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of URBAN TRIBES.

URBAN TRIBES. these are some tribes of Bogota

metalheads: is the term commonly used to define the music lovers metal.1 While heavy metal has its origins in the late sixties, the metalhead cultural movement with its current features began to take shape in the late seventies and early eighties.
At metalhead also known as or headbanger metalhead. Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal, grunge metal, Nu Metal, Glam Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, Industrial Metal, Rap Metal, Funk Metal INTRODUCTION:
urban tribes are formed by a group of people who behave according to the ideologies of a subculture that originated and developed in the environment of a city or town.

The tribes are characterized by maintaining a similar aesthetic from several individuals of the same trend. It is often accompanied sociopolitical convictions or religious beliefs or mystical character, depending on the movement or urban tribe belonging.

These tribes are born as a result of marked social stratification of Bogotá and the advent of globalization. PUNK: The punk is a rock music genre that emerged in the mid-1970s. This genus is characterized in the music industry for his independent attitude
In its beginnings, punk music was a very simple and crude, sometimes neglected: a single rock type, with short durations simple melodies, guitar sounds or loud amplified poorly controlled, few einstrumentos arrangements, and generally, of beats and fast tempos.
Anarcho-punk - Hardcore Punk - Horror Punk, Post-Punk - Deathrock - Skate punk - Oi! Dance-punk - Glam punk - Crust Punk - Punk Christian - Riot Grrrl - Art punk - punk Cabaret LOLITAS: is a Japanese subculture whose attitude beautician Freedom juvenile currents mix with the clothes of the aristocracy of the past centuries, mainly the times of the Rococo and Victorian era emerged in the late '70s, as a social movement, cultural, ideological and aesthetic, in the response of young women who wanted no part of Japanese conservative society skinheads:are called skinheads are young whites are nazis hate blacks, prostitutes, foreigners etc. aki in Spain and want to clean up the country. have a shaved head or very short hair and wear chaketas bomber (known as chaketa pilots) or niki poles with straps above and jackboots bakeros CONCLUSION: the urban tribes have two paths for the youth of today to create the first culture in society and have an identity between groups, but the other is one way that the hand with the use of psychoactive drugs which do give poorly on these groups.
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