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Iran Project

No description

Sami Thompson

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Iran Project

Iran Iran's Government:
Iran has been a Theocratic Republic since 1979 when the people overruled the last Shah. The Ethnic make up of Iran: Persian 61%, Azeri 16%, Kurd 10%, Lur 6%, Baloch 2%, Arab 2%, Turkmen 2% other 1%

Religions: Islam 90%, Sunni & Sufi 9%, Remaining - Bahais, Hindus, Mandeans,Yarsanis, Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians. Iran has a very weak economy with its main trade being oil. There is a large amount of unemployment and underemployment Recent News from Iran:

October 2012: Rial currency falls to US dollar; losing 80% of its value.

November 2012: Double output of Uranium at Fordo facility

January 2013: Tells IAEA its upgrading Uranium enrichment, refining Uranium at a faster rate.

- Uranium enrichment for use of Nuclear Power and Weapons. Iran and U.S. relations:

Some Iranian officials believed that the United States had created al-Qaeda as a tool against the Islamic Republic. United States and the Islamic Republic had sustained their most important diplomatic contact in two decades.With the neocon grand design about to come to fruition, Iran would not be a partner; instead, it would be part of the nefarious lineup of the “axis of evil.”

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