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Sexual Harassment Training

No description

Tommy Bossaller

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Sexual Harassment Training

Presented by Lubbock County Flying away
from Sexual Harassment Any unwelcome sexual advances made by an employer or superior, especially when compliance is made a condition of continued employment or advancement. What is Sexual Harassment? What is the EEOC? What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual Harrassment - 2 Types of Harassment Verbal Harassment and
Physical Harassment Any type of unwelcome:
and any other type of offensive language Verbal Harassment Includes:
Unwelcome physical contact
Invading one's personal space
Degrading one's personal property
Offensive gestures
Possession or display of derogatory pictures
any other offensive or demeaning act Physical Harassment The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - The Government Entity in charge of monitoring Sexual Harassment

- They define Sexual Harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature 2 Types of Sexual Harassment Quid Pro Quo Harassment "This for that" Hostile Environment Any words or conduct that unreasonably interferes with someone's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive workplace Examples:
unwanted touching
dirty jokes, sexually suggestive words
excessive flirtation
sexual propositions
sexual gestures such as catcalls
discussions about one's sex life
pressures (actual or implied) Examples? The True or False Triangle! True or False? Only women can be sexually harassed FALSE The law protects both genders equally True or False? Sexual Harassment can occur by accident True Sexual Harassment can occur without intent to offend anyone. However, Ignorance is not an excuse in court. True or False Higher ranking employees cannot be harassed by subordinates FALSE Anyone can be harassed in an organization, regardless of rank True or False Companies are also responsible for harassment involving non-employees TRUE The company's no-harassment policy extends to anyone you come into contact with while performing your job (This includes applicants, Customers, etc.) Sexual Orientation Harassment is illegal True or False TRALSE There is no Federal Law prohibiting it BUT in Section 2.02 of your employee handbook it states that ANY type of discrimination or harassment is grounds for discipline and possible termination True or False Harassment requires sexual advances or conduct of a sexual nature FALSE Sexual harassment does not have to involve conduct; any negative gender-specific comments can also lead to sexual harassment cases Examples of Negative Gender Specific comments "That's a man's job"
"Men are disorganized"
"Women are too emotional to lead"
"It must be that time of the month"
"I don't want you to get your nails dirty"
"She slept her way to the top"
"He is only in management because he is a guy"

Other examples that you have heard? CASE STUDIES! Case #1 A high level male manager was known to shout at his female staff members whenever they performed poorly. He would also invade their personal space when he got into these tirades

Is this considered Sexual Harassment? YES!
Even though his conduct did not involve sexual advances, it is considered sexual harassment because it was only directed to female employees A female supervisor was found to be giving better performance appraisals to the men in the office that would hang out with her outside of office hours

Is this sexual harassment? Yes, this is essentially quid pro quo, because she was essentially rewarding employees for "going out" with her A supervisor asked a direct subordinate to purchase the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, while the subordinate was out purchasing soda and snacks for a company event.

Is this Sexual Harassment? YES! Not only is this creating a Hostile Environment by requiring someone to do something that may make them uncomfortable, it is also an unethical use of company capital If you are a victim, what should you do? If you feel comfortable enough:

Tell the harasser how it makes you feel. It is possible that they have no idea of their wrong doing. According the the Lubbock County Employee Handbook, Section 2.02 - B
Any employee who becomes aware of incidents of harassment in the work place shall report such incidents in writing immediately to their Supervisor, Department Director, or Human Resources All those who file a complaint in good faith will be protected from retaliation of any kind Remember to detail the harassment as specific as possible and list any witnesses. Descriptive documentation will greatly improve the investigation process Prevention begins with you! If we all hold Sexual Harassment to a no tolerance policy, we can help prevent and protect
Don't contribute to it
Don't encourage it by laughing at jokes someone might make REPORT IT SQUID S - Stop and think about what you are about to say
Case #2 CASE #3 http://www.10news.com/news/ex-officer-sues-harbor-pd-claims-sexual-harassment http://www.komonews.com/news/local/jail-workers-allege-years-of-sexual-harassment-in-workplace-135898378.html
Q - Question yourself "is it worth it?"

U - Understand the other person's feelings

I - Imagine the consequences

D- Determine the best course of action
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