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Red and Andy's Relationship

No description

Dillon English

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Red and Andy's Relationship

Red and Andy's Relationship
Andy and Red's relationship is an iconic part of The Shawshank Redemption. Their comradery shows that even in dark places such as prison, there is always a light to help you get through. That light is friendship and hope.
By The Wardens

Jack Durkan
Dillon English
Eoin O Keeffe
Sean O Leary
Eoin O Keeffe
Sean O Leary
Dillon English
Acts of kindness were rare in Shawshank. Another sign of a good relationship,between Andy and Red,is when Andy gives Red rocks he had found. This is first seen when Red receives
"two pieces of quartz"
from Andy,as a thank you for getting him
"Rita Hayworth"
. They were
"drift wood shapes"
to perfection. They could have served as
"a fine pair of men's cufflinks"
. These acts of kindness are seen throughout the novel,with Andy giving Red countless
"millennium sandwiches"
,which strengthens their friendship even more.
Jack Durkan
We see Red's admiration for Andy throughout the text. For instance, we see how Red admires Andy first in the exercise yard when looking for a
, Red said
"he wasn't kowtowing or sucking up to me,I respect him for that"
. Another time Red admires Andy is when they were working on the
"plate shop roof"
and Andy confronts Byron Hadley. He asks or
"three bottles of suds"
for each of the inmates working on the roof. Finally,the sentence in the text that really shows Reds's respect for Andy is when he says
"I think Andy was the coolest man ever"
Andy gave red hope"
Andy always seemed to have his act together.There was none of sullen desperation...you could never smell hopelessness

on him"
.Red had a great admiration for Andy"
you're a self educated man,self made man"
.when Andy left the prison red continued to talk about him and how much of a
"remarkable man"
he was. Red was a loyal friend to Andy.He followed Andy's requests, and by doing this, red broke his bail laws.Red continued on his journey with the hope of reaching Andy.As Andy said "
Hope is a good thing...the best of things...and no good thing ever dies".
Upon Red and Andy's first encounter which took place in the yard of Shawshank prison or as Red called it
"a stone hotel full of cons"
.When our two protagonists meet Red states that he"
liked Andy from the start".
Andy had
"a reputation for being a snob and a cold fish"
,but Red states
"I don't have

listen to rumors about a man when I can judge him my self".
This helps their relationship progress,and grow stronger.All of this is because of the rock hammer...
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