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Women's Fashion 1920's


Victoria Rocha

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Women's Fashion 1920's

After the war America was seen as a powerful nation increasing the want for the American dream.
Woman's fashion was a symbol of this need and also reflected the new freedoms women obtained after the war.
During the war many men left there jobs leaving the women do do them, this gave women the realization that they could do what men could do.
started the flapper style, where women rebelled against traditional thoughts, actions and fashion.
Not only did there stye change but there attitudes as well
Women's duties were more then being just for taking care of the children and doing house work. 1920's Women's Fashion How did women's fashion change in the 1920's? Have these styles survived or ever been revived? How do they reflect the new freedoms many women were enjoying in the twenties? How does Fitzgerald portray this in his novel? The Poor The Rich Party Clothes Influences and change in lifestyle Categories The Poor The Rich Party Clothes Influences and New Outlook The styles of the rich and famous women of the 1920's.
~ Drastic change compared to any other era
~ Women were often covered from head to toe
~ Morality of women went down
~ Flappers arrived around 1926
~ Considered the "new breed" of women
~ Cut short hair in bobbed like style
~ Listened to Jazz
~ Wore short skirts/ dresses
~ Flaunted what they thought was acceptable behaviour
~ Style was so easy to accomplish
~ The rich still wore embellished garments -During the 1920's, many types of fashion out broke for women, but not all women could obtain these new looks.
-Unfortunate was segregated from rich
-Majority of the poor women made clothing themselves.
-Most clothing items were made out of flour sacs.
-Another type of fabric used for women's clothing was hemp.
-No bras but only underskirts to serve protection to the bottom half of the body.
-A poverty effected area in the Great Gatsby is the valley of ashes. Thesis Fitzgerald's Novel The Great Gatsby does an excellent job of portraying the destruction of the American dream in the 1920's through the lack of morals and the want for wealth. Fitzgerald uses women's fashion as a symbol of the American dream. He does this by showing how the people of this era are only focused on the material aspects of life. Fashion for the unfortunate
-Bell Bottoms
-Neon and other various bright colors
-Big fluffy hair
-Three piece suits
-Platform shoes Fashion in the 90's consisted of: 1970 1990 2012 East Egg Women's fashion during the 1920's was mainly influenced by the post World War I attitude everyone had.
This era was a time for celebrating the end of the war which lead to lavish parties.
These parties often consisted of women wearing revealing and scandalous clothing.
Women in the 1920's drastically changed the way they dressed and acted as a way of trying to show that men and women are equals. http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/118/7/AAAAAjA5wWcAAAAAARh7aw.jpg?v=1215300090000 Roxanne's Work Cited http://library.thinkquest.org/TQ0313189/ Victoria's Work Cited

Flapper Fashion
headbands, hats or head dress
short skirts just below the knee
boyish hair styles Dirty Thirties Hippy Era 1920 1930 1960 http://www.thefinertimes.com/The-1920s/1920s-fashion-was-a-time-of-great-social-change.html



http://www.vintagedancer.com/1920s-formal-cocktail-party-evening/ Revived Fashion Trends Flapper Dresses The Bob Here we see Katy Perry in a modern day 2012 bob A flapper with a bob during the 1920's West Egg -Baggy Sweaters
-Denim Overalls
-High wasted jeans
-Curved brim snap backs
-Neon windbreakers ~ Known as the "new rich"
~ Born under rich circumstances
~ Trying to be at the same status as the East
~ Dressed Similar to them with the flapper look Current Fashion Most of today's fashion trends are comebacks from other eras
-Jean jackets
-Skinny Jeans
-Lace tops
-Jean shorts & Rompers
-Athletic wear
-Crop tops http://www.1920-30.com/fashion/ Jackelyn's Cited http://glamourdaze.com/2010/05/1920s-fashion-womens-dress-and-style.html Roaring Twenties frayed bell-bottomed jeans
tie-dyed shirts
bear foot or long square toed boots 1920's Women's Party Fashion for the Upper Class The Bob The most defining fashion change in the 1920's.
Gave women a feeling of power and equality.
Women wanted to rebel and did this by cutting their hair in a boyish way. Skirts became longer
more traditional womanly look Recap 1920's Formal Wear The boyish shape was common for party wear too.
1920's dresses consisted of flattened chests, straight-cuts, loose fitting, and dropped waists.
Most dresses were sleeveless and extremely short for that period of time.
The popular neckline was a deep V while low square cuts and scoops were also trendy.
The backs of dresses also contained a lot of detail - deep V's, shawls, embroidery, and draped fabrics. Accessories Two flappers in the 1920's A modern day dress inspired from the flapper look Party Wear - Elaborate dresses with lots of detail to show the celebration of the end of the war. The poor people in this era had to make do with what they had or what they could make. The poor were seen as outcasts in contrast to the wealthy. AMERICAN DREAM ~ A freedom of promise and success
~ Jordan Baker, Daisy and Myrtle all represented typical flappers
~ Jordan Baker represent equality between both sexes
~ Myrtle seems be be envious, gets Tom to buy her clothes
~ Reflects greediness of the Dream
~ American Dream leads to chaos and betrayal
~"Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,...just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had'".
~ Followed this advice could have realized all the good things they could have had
~ They could never be satisfied ~ Inspiration from nature and ancient Egypt
~ Based on geometric shapes
~ Platinum was the "in" metal
~Long strings of beads
~ Broaches and long pins
~ Handbags and purses were beaded
~ Colours and patterns lined with satin
~ Beaded Belts
~ Make their own
~ Hats were close fitting
~ Milinery Correspondence Lesson
~ Shoes seemed to become a bigger focus
~ Silk and Lisle Sockings Alexis' Work Cited http://www.squidoo.com/1920sfashions http://www.fashion-era.com/flapper_fashion_1920s.htm http://retropetite.com/blog/1920s-fashion/ http://www.victoriana.com/Fashion/1920s/1920sdress.htm What year is this accessory from? a) 1920's
b) 1990's
c) 1930's What year is the accessory from? a) 1980's
c) 1960's What year was this accessory from? a)1960
c)2012 What year was this stye in fashion? a)1960's
c)1990's What year was this hair style in fashion? a)1920
c)1960 The way women were perceived was changed, the flapper fashion was a way of breaking threw that traditional women look. The End The rich women of the 1920's were seen as sophisticated and rebellious women. They attempted of following the American Dream however they later realized that it was too difficult to accomplish. The "Disco" look ~ Already established wealthy
~ Believe that the West Eggers
and them can never be equal
~ Community to Tom and Daisy
~ Daisy comes off to be in love with
money and material luxury
~ Covers herself up with her clothes Swim Suits ~ Evolved from dark and heavy to form fitting
~ Peoples morals were not fond of the idea of the bathing suits
~ Caused conflicts between females a law enforcement
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