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Dale Bunger, PDC Master Plan

This is my Master Design for the Geoff Lawton PDC course.

Dale Bunger

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Dale Bunger, PDC Master Plan

Discover Farms
permaculture design

Discover Farms

Single Family Homestead

provide long term food security
decrease energy inputs required
increase beauty and diversity

possible community/teaching area

Site Analysis
9.96 acres
Marginal Pastureland
Marginal Treeline
Existing House on Ridge
Surrounded by Cropland
Stream along west edge
2.5 acres along stream native prairie
Zone 1
Kitchen Garden
Raised Bed on contour with Buried Wood
Herb Garden
close to Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen
Wood Grill, Rocket Stove Pizza
Sitting Area
Firepit, Pergola, Natural Seating
Solar Shower
Coiled Tube Style, connected to line
Hot House
attached to South of House
Zone 4
Primarily Border Zones of Property
provide buffer from Ag land
Mix of Pioneer and Climax Trees
coppicing pioneers for misc. use
removing pioneers as needed
Wind Break along field edge
Viburnum Trilobum, Viburnum Dentatum, Caragana Arborescens
Eventual Hardwood use
Zone 5
2.5 acres of CRP border stream
(currently native prairie)
Mixed tree areas
Encourage wildlife corridor

Zone 2
Poultry Run
bordering kitchen garden
Row Crop Garden
Perennial Fruit/Nut Polyculture
Small Animal Grazing in alleys
Small Animal Winter Structures

Zone 3
Fruit/Nut Orchard in Alley Crop
Row Crop in alleys in early years
Grazing in alleys as trees mature
Some grain production for animal feed
intended to be mostly self harvested
minimal gathering for winter use
~60 ft elevation change
Land slopes away from house
Stream located on West edge
Nice Sloping Hills
Conventional Ag on 3 sides
Land Form
33" average annual rainfall
April - Sept. average > 3" rain
Limited External Watershed
Stream at lowest point

High elevation Swales will be critical
Pocket Ponds to buffer large events
Larger Ponds Sited but wait to build
Summer Wind is South/Southwest
Wind Block needed for House
Winter Wind is North/Northwest
Strong Ridge line Winds

Wind Break on 2 sides is critical
House needs Shaded protection
Some plant areas may need shade
Wind & Solar
Midwest U.S.A.
Cold Temperate (Zone 5b)
Latitude 42.83
Elevation 840'
50 miles from Lake Michigan
Last Frost Date 5/25
First Frost Date 9/21
128 avg. growing days
design by Dale Bunger , Broadacre Design
Maximum Angle = 70 degree

Sunrise = 6:16 am

Sunset = 9:37 pm

Daylight Hours = 15h 20m
Summer Sun
Maximum Angle = 24 degree

Sunrise = 9:22 am

Sunset = 6:24 pm

Daylight Hours = 9h 1m
Winter Sun
ag land
ag land
ag land
Perennial Alley Crop
Swales on contour - 25' spacing
Alternating Rows
Chestnut, Raspberry, Grape
Apple, Hazelnut, Currant, Grape
Alleyways mix of Alfalfa and Clover
Driveway needs to direct water
Buffer Zones needed on 3 sides
Zone Definition
Zone 0
South Facing Exposed Basement
Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heat
Grow room in Basement
Root Cellar in Basement
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