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Emergency Housing

No description

Michael Udensi

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Emergency Housing

Have you ever played telephone THESIS
Emergency housing implementation is drastically hindered by poor communication between the federal government and the state government. As well as housing implementaiton being hindered, the lack of organization also leads to the quality of housing being slightly compromised to accomadate more people Ever Since Hurricane Katrina, I became curious Plan? Situation been prevented? First Point: The communication between
the local and the federal government make
it more difficult for relief efforts to happen According to
Emergency Managment and Intergovernmental System:

quote: "There is no clause intact that controls which body of government
has authorization to carry out legal functions when transitioning from one of
the four major phases of emergency Management(Mushkatel&Wescler, 50) Leads to Point 2: Procedural time lapse make implementation of emergency housing longer According to FEMA, "request for funding must be made by govenor before aid can be distributed. " FEMA must do premliminary assesment =
TIME 3rd point: Poor Planning by Gov Had written plans but were never practiced protocals posted on HS website rather than state website ? Could not be answered efficiently Since many people could not be effectively moved to areas that had emergency housing set up due to lack of communication, many buldings had to be retrofitted in order to accomodate them. According to the SCEMD
quote : "Because of the variety of structural types and the number of
different configurations of existing buildings, only a limited amount of
guidance is provided on modifying existing buildings to create a shelter where
none existed previously." Lack of shelter dependant on poor evacuation methods set
up by the government 5th Point: Government gave to short of a warning for citizens to evacuate Mayor made Superdome last resort Implies that there was no intention to use it in the at all
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