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The 5 Events That Shaped Canada

Have you ever wondered How has our current Canadian national identity been developed and shaped by events from our past? The answer is in the Prezi.

Rami Al-Atout

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The 5 Events That Shaped Canada

The 5 Events That Shaped Canada
By: Rami Al-Atout
The Question is...
1. Personal Opinion

I think this is the most important event that shaped our canadian national identity because Canada was the country that sent a lot of first aid and other supplies to countries that were in need of supplies to survive. Canada was the country that completed the most UN peacekeeping missions making Canada the kindest country. Canada even donates supplies like food, toys, and even soldiers to countries or any places that are in need of them.

1. Historical Significance

This event is historically significant because when Canada kept peace in its country, people living in other countries that were at war moved from their to Canada and if they couldn't, Canada would send them supplies. Canada still is a peacekeeper that will do whatever it takes to keep this country and others safer.
5 Historical Concept's
5 Personal Opinion's
2. Personal Opinion

Juno Beach was a war during WW2 and it was called D-day which meant the beginning of the end for the german army. It was Canada that was attacking Juno beach to capture it from the Nazi german`s. Canada finished the battle with a win and then Hitler got crazy because he lost a battle. Something that changed was the way that Canada was respected, this proved to the world that Canada s the country that gets the job done and they earned the reputation of “Shock Troops”.
2. Continuity And Change

The things that stayed the same over time is that Canada is still known as a powerful country with little military power because we have America to support us with firearms. Canada also still helps out its allied countries that are being attacked. This reflects canadian identity because Canada is a helpful country that will help anyone in need of anything as long as it is for a good cause.
Ethnicity does not replace Canadian identity. It is Canadian identity.
– Harold Troper
Special Quote
How has our current Canadian national identity been developed and shaped by events from our past?

Here are the 5 topics that I chose in the order of canadian importance.
3. Personal Opinion

Canada’s 100 days happened at the final year of WW1 and Canada was greatly appreciated for its help. Canada played an instrumental role in spoiling the German attacks and preventing their success. Then the Allies counterattacked, and Canada did something unmatched by any modern army in military history. Canadian troops punched through German lines and kept going 13 km (8 miles) on the first day alone. This showcases canadian identity because Canada will help anyone no matter the cost.
3. Historical Evidence

The primary source is very important towards canadian history because it has a lot of stuff inside the diary about many battles and life difficulties/ prosperity. the source is a diary that is photocopied and put online for millions to see what Canada is like and how it improved. Another important fact about this diary is that it was made August 8th, 1918 and it is made by J.F.B. Livesay.

Primary Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/10036048/Canadas-Hundred-Days-JFB-Livesay-1919 (p.g 42 of 461)
4. Personal Opinion

Trudeau partraited the canadian constitution in 1982 and he made a canadian policy towards multiculturalism. Some consequences that trudeau made were against the black people which made the KKK still present in Canada. Also, Trudeau introduced white paper to the aboriginal people which was used to eliminate indian statis traditional rights to make them equal to other canadian citizens. These consequences developed canadian identity because canada learned its mistakes and did a lot to resolve it and then canada became a free country known to the entire world.
4. Cause And Consequence

Pierre Trudeau became the prime minister because he believes that he could eliminate the gap between the poor and rich, create Petro Canada and a national energy program, tries to equalize everything even though racism still exists, and he abolished the penalty for homosexual acts. there was also a pill designed for women and it started the sexual revolution.
5. Personal Opinion

In 1857, the gradual assimilation act passed and then residential schools were made after that. The aboriginal people probably said that they don't like the fact that their children have to go to the school and learn a new culture and religion while destroying their original one. this is still going on until today and aboriginals are refusing to go to residential schools. The government said that it is not mandatory for the aboriginals to attend the schools if they don't want to. This shows canadian identity because it proves that canada is a free country for everyone with different religions.
5. Historical Perspective

All the aboriginals felt punished and they would be punished if they spoke their language in the school. they were forced to live, work, and study in the school. All the aboriginal people did not like the government, they hated him because he was “destroying the indian inside” every person. civilized people felt that this was a great idea because they whenever they thought of an aboriginal person, they will think of a savage.
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Canadian Peacekeeper's
Canadian Peacekeeper's
Juno Beach (D-Day)
Juno Beach (D-Day)
Canada's 100 Day's
Canada's 100 Day's
Pierre Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau
Residential School's
Residential School's
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