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Prezi for Students

No description

Betsy Hood

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi for Students

Prezi Zooming Presentation Software Powerful Presentations with... What is Prezi? LINEAR compared to CANVAS What is Prezi? Football field is your canvas and you're in control of the camera What is Prezi? Zooming (the entire canvas) Zoom in or out with zoom tool

Or, just use the wheel of your mouse

Start in mid-range

Don’t lose your place! ACTIVITY
Add 2 more slides - 2 Things About You
double click on canvas, type your text
add a frame around each What is Prezi? Flash-based
Access from any computer with internet
Works with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone
need Prezi Viewer
Insert PDFs, Flash video, sound, images, YouTube videos
Embed in a blog or webpage
Fun to make, Fun to watch Use the Zebra to:
Drag stuff around (inner ring)
Resize it (middle ring)
Rotate it (outer ring) Right click on the Zebra Tool
= positioning/order The Bubble Tool
Use the bubble tool to:
Choose colors and fonts
Create a path
Add a frame
Insert media
Present! Theme Wizard It's Show Time! Create a path between your slides
Select "path" from the bubble tool
Click Show and view your prezi!

Good luck and be creative!!! Sharing Click Meeting on Upper toolbar
Choose “Start online presentation” or “Invite to edit”
Copy and email the link to see presentation or edit presentation
This link expires 10 minutes after you have closed the prezi and finished the session. Powerpoint to Prezi
"Insert" on the bubble tool http://prezi.com/4jrranugjj6p/turn-a-powerpoint-to-prezi-prezihelpcom/ Today, the Basics…

the zebra
insert text, images, video
create path
show mode It's your turn!
Go to: http://prezi.com/
Sign up for an account
Click on "My Prezis"
Click on "New Prezi"
Title your Prezi
Select blank template
Click on "start editing" On your blank canvas...
Type your name onto the canvas
Use the zebra to drag, resize and rotate the text you typed onto the canvas. Add a frame around your name
Click "frame" on bubble tool
1. Start slow...just a 4-5 slide presentation 2. Play
3. Explore themes Tips 4. Import one of your PowerPoints
5. Watch tutorial videos!
(in the Learn tab) Function Tool bar Other options to explore... Add video, images, drawings Add another frame that describes
a fun fact about you Add another frame that completes the sentence "My favorite color is _________" type your text here! Watch this video
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