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Joseph Tuso

a White production on one man who survived Sydney Cove

joe white

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Joseph Tuso

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early life
fun fact
Joseph was sent to Africa when he was 14!
What was his crime
What was his sentence
In July 1784 Joseph was sent to court. At first he was sentenced to death but five days later (two days before his trial) his sentence was changed to life in Sydney Cove.
When did they arrive in the the colony
On January 26th, 1784, Joseph and 287 other convicts landed in Sydney Cove.

Joseph Tuso
When did they board the ship
In May 1784, Joseph boarded the HMS Sirius bound for Sydney Cove. He later switched ships to the HMS Scarborough.
Joseph Tuso was born in 1770 in London. Before he was sent to Sydney Cove, he was a convict in Africa.
At the age of 18 Joseph was caught robbing John Ansell, he was armed with a knife.He was locked in prison for 15 days before being taken to court.
What was life like on the ship
Joseph was excited for the first 4 to 6 months, but then it got harder and harder as the journey went on. When he was on the Scarborough he planed a mutiny. When the mutiny failed, Joseph was lucky not to be discovered as the ringleader and wasn't taken to the mysterious 12th ship.
What was life like in the colony
For Joseph, the first years in the colony were difficult. He was given some of the hardest work. One day, Joseph found the work to much and ran away. For his punishment he received 100 lashes!
Later life
Joseph finished his time in Sydney Cove at the the age of 25. He opened his own business and became a land owner. He was a father of two and became very rich.
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