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swag on toast

No description

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of swag on toast

my target audience is primary school kids aged 6+. it is an energy drink for children and would appeal to these children because it is healthy, tasty, and suitable for them.

why they should pick my idea
mood board
target audience
they should pick my idea because it is fruity and tasty and that is what kids tend to like. also it is suitable for them as it doesn't have any caffeine or alcohol in it.
The plot starts with tom and Ellis in a news studio,
and saying how much apple adventure has taken over
in the world of consumables. after they have finished, the advert goes to me (Australia) talking about how it has impacted the country. after is goes to Artiom who talks about how the drink has impacted Russia. after Artiom has finished, it goes to Spencer who is talking about the impact in Britain when Spencer is finished it
goes back to the news studio and the advert ends
the locations are: Buckingham Palace, Sydney Bridge,
BBC News studio, and Saint Balsis Church. i chose these
locations as they are varied around the world.
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