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Lily Grant

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 The End Jess Wilson was 19
when she started receiving
sadistic emails which often featured graphic
pictures that implied that the sender wanted to
cause her harm. They said things like “I hope
you die,” and “this is what we want to do to you,”
along with graphic pictures of skeletons.
When she discovered what was happening
she reported it to police in Christchurch,
where she was living at the time, but there
wasn’t much they could do. “The police said because it wasn’t a picture of my face they couldn’t do anything about it,” she said. She said she was 90 per cent sure who the cyber bullies were. Her message to them and to other cyber bullies is simple: "grow up". Jess Wilson's Story By Lily Grant
And David Silcock Miss Wilson believes she
knew the people
responsible for the emails.
They were often sent under
the names of characters from
horror movies,
including Norman Bates
from the film Psycho. Miss Wilson’s family and friends helped
her to stay strong, but life was hard for
two months. She didn’t like going out of
the house, and she also changed her email
address, phone number and passwords.
It all started... Miss Wilson's grandmother
was dying at the time and
she was trying to focus on
her university studies. Although
she was frustrated by how little
the police could do, she believed
there were more important
things for the law enforcers
to focus on. Even the death
threats weren’t enough.
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