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Bike share

No description

Silas Sun

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Bike share

For analyzing the market of HiBike, Two approaches are adopted to research the Bike Share System market: government paper research and online survey.

Leon's report (2012) claims that around 18% Canberra residents would like to ride a bike for lasted several years and most of people who enjoyed this activity already have a bike. Although, the gap between Canberra residents who enjoyed cycling and people who enjoyed cycling already have a bike, considered the population in the whole Canberra, the rest of people still can be our potential users. Meanwhile, the statistics of the survey (30 ANU students participants) shows that, nearly 95% students would like to cycle to school and only 20% of them already have a bike. Figure 1 shows all the statistic data

According to the above research, The HiBike system is of interest for diverse partners such as:

whose students have to move flexibly between institutes and faculties.
Market Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Situation In Canberra
Station Density
Bike Share System Proposal Poster
HiBike is a fully automated bike sharing system designed for complementing Canberra public transport. Bike sharing serves as flexible option for door-to-door mobility chain. The rental bikes are available 24/7 in public space supporting CO2-free transport for regions and whole Canberra.
Smart Bike
> Attractive and practical design

Ads board and standby lock discourage theft and resale

> Real time location


> User friendly interaction

LED signal for status notification
Smart Dock

Express and easy return
Electromechanic lock with integrated RFID return detection


User friendly interaction
LED status signal


Reliable and effective communication
Wireless communication and internal power supply
Smart Terminal
Easy-to-use interface
10“ touch screen with zoomable map of real-time information

Environmental power supply

Solar Battery Operation

Flexible modes of payment
Reader for credit/debit cards with latest PCI security standard

Smart Helmet
Safe and clean

Meet Australian standard

Smart App
easy to use

Real-time bike and bike dock availabilities
view bike paths and GPS service.
Online payment
Figure 1: Statistic Data
Bikes per Residents
Coverage Area
10-16 stations for every square kilometers, providing and average spacing of approximately 300 meters between stations and convenient walking distance from each station to any point in between.
10-20 bikes available for every 1000 residents within the coverage area. Larger, denser regions that have a large influx of commuters into the area served by the system will have more bikes available.
10 square kilometers for the minimum area covered by the system. large enough to contain a siginificant number of user origins and destinations, Smaller areas may drive down system usage.
Combining The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and Canberra local condition
Providing users a healthy, green, easy and economical lifestyle!
Bike share system facilitate cycling, which has a significant positive impact on mental and physical

Bike sharing system supports CO2-free transport with environmental power supply, making our life

Well designed system and layouts guarantee
access to bikes and provide quick, short trips to the final destination.

Low rental fee makes commuting with bike share system
Potential market demand: As shown in the market analysis, a big gap exists between people who like to commute a bike and people who own a bike.

High brand value: The bike share system will set sponsors' outdoor advertising in motion with bikes

Quick investment return: With low capital costs, short implementation timeline, investors will get profit quickly.

Referrence List
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.( Jun 2015). GST. Retrieved from : https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/GST/

(Dec, 2011) “Reader Story: The Costs and Savings of Bicycle Commuting ” . Retrieved from : http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2011/06/12/reader-story-the-costs-and-savings-of-bicycle-commuting/

Leon. (
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Currently existing bike share system in Melbourne and Canberra
The bike share stations in Canberra are located only at popular hotels and all these three hotels are inside the centre district.
In Melbourne bike share, all stations are concentrated in CBD area and are short distance apart from each other.

Why our HiBike is feasible and may succeed in Canberra?
Overall, daily income should be estimated as $2250 after cutting down the GST and further, the annual income should be expected as $821250.

As for the investigation, annual maintenance of 25000 added with the salary of delivery driver. The total outcome should be AU$774350.

However, during the initial period, the fortune should be expected to gain from sponsorship with the profit of advertisements attached on bicycles as well as service stations.

Information Technology System would be deployed on the public cloud service platform such as Google engine to reduce the experience.
Investiment & Rewards
Fundamental Facilities: AU $ 57597.5
Expected revenue: $2500 per day
Goods and services tax (GST) is a broad-based tax of 10% on most goods, services and other items sold or consumed in Australia.(
Bicycles do not cost incredibly to have them repaired attributing to its low speed. Every night, a delivery driver should come into action to adjust the stock of each station. In addition, more realistic cost of average annual maintenance was estimated as $100 by J.D. Roth.(
(Dec, 2011))

Bond is necessary and will be refunded until the equipment goes back to the working stations thereby ensuring the safety.
Providing Investors a profitable business opportunity!
Image source: www.indiegogo.com
Image source: www.finsecpartners.com.au
System Design
who like to cycle to workplace as an exercise.

who like to have a flexible and eco-friendly means of transportation for their travel.

that like to advertise regional and national campaigns in a mobile and innovative way.
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