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Live Binders

TCEA 2013

Amanda Peterson

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Live Binders

by Amanda Peterson
Shari Stanley

Learning in a Bind: LiveBinders
Need Help??
Where you and your students
could access this information.

Students could even build their own.
Would you like to store this on a computer??
Take control of information
Save time
Make an impression
It's free
Create & Present
your resources
quickly and simply
Benefits of Live Binders
Share with teachers
Help younger students
Organize older students ideas
Create a great resource
Access and update friendly
Take Control of Information
Place livebinders on desktops
No remembering or typing addresses
No adding bookmarks or a new link to every computer.
No getting lost on the web.
Just update your livebinder.
Simple For All Ages
Easy Strategies!
There is a free App for LiveBinders
iPad Users
Free Video Tutorials
on Everything on the site.
Create an account
It is time to jump in!
What is LiveBinders?
Go to www.livebinders.com
LiveBinders Look and Feel
Contact Information
Amanda Peterson
email: apeterson@lcisd.org
Twitter: @agpeterson75

Shari Stanley
email: shstanley@lcisd.org
Twitter: @shstanley86
Combine uploaded PDFs and Word docs with links in one binder
All documents are organized by tabs and subtabs.
Edit Easily
Students can also access class presentations to
review at their own pace.
Differentiate Example
Used to help practice math and
spelling with online worksheets in LiveBinders.
Review and Practice
Easy and quickly collect information.
Add as many web pages as you want.
Make as many binders as you want.
Keep resources and ideas together.
Class Projects & Research
Presentation Link
Other Resources
Full transcript