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Marketing Project.

Cynthia Zerbel

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Cards

RE-Cards Re. using Re. ducing Re. cycling Re. defining Re. thinking the everyday Product, Promotion, Price, Place Four P's Product Market Philosophy Societal We are focusing on becoming a greener world by rethinking the everday
CPI Cardgroup Types of Cards PVC plastic cards
Recycled plastic cards
Biodegradable Cards
Bio-PVC 99%
Recycled Paper
PVC plastic Cards
Recycled Plastic Cards
Strength and durability BPI (Biodegradable Product Institute)
Certified with the Compostable Label Materials HEMP Ability to identically resemble plastic in strength and durability

100% Biodegradable


Using HEMP create a carbon neutral card

Sustainable crop
Promotion Primary Target Audience: Appalachian State University

Secondary Target Audience: Schools "going green"

Direct Marketing

School Magazines

Trade Shows - Future Growth

Home Website
Appalachian State Recently included in The Princeton Reviews first guide to 286 Green Colleges

Removed all chemicals & reuse cleaning supplies

Installed equipment for saving water supplies

Does not use "green" cards

Appalachian aims at going "green"

Price Competitors U.S.F.I. Green Key Two cards




17 cents


11 cents
Paperboard Generic Card

11 cents Price Skimming 12 to 15 cents for generic cards

Quantity Discounts

1% per thousand up to 10%

Permotional Allowances Simplistic Packaging: business-to-business

Recyclable Material

Logo On Card and Box

Brand Recognition

Packaging Place/Growth Selective distribution strategy

Targeting schools with student ID cards

Schools that are going "green"
Future Markets gift cards

hotel keycards

credit cards International Overseas countries are more conscious of our environment

Quicker to assist in the growth of "green" companies

RE-Card Patent/license

100% biodegradable & recyclable

Maintain properties similar to plastic

Will not decompose until exposed to conditions necessary for decomposition

Competitive Advantage
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