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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

media evaluation question 2.

stewart stevens

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of How does your media product represent particular social groups?

How Does Your Media Product Represent particular Social Groups? Representation within our media product Our media product focuses on a range of different social group to represent the characters within our opening sequence. We chose different actors to play the different roles in the opening to make full use of the ideoligies that the audience are used to, so they can relate to the product. This is stewart, played by myself. We chose to use me as this particular character, as the character is the bully which begins Will's journey to the asylum. Generally bullies are seen to be bigger than the person they bully, which is represented in our product. This is Will, he plays the crazy character in our product, As the picture tells he can be seen as a genric victim of bullying, having a geeky look to him with the glasses. We used him, as our audience would easily be able to connect to the idea of him being bullied. This Is Dan, who plays the doctor in our opening product, he looks smart and presentable, which follows the ideoligy of a doctor, which was well represented in our opening product Common Ideoligies of The Characters In our product we decided to follow the common ideoligies of the different characters that are represented in our opening sequence. For example, the bully is normally seen as a big, tough character who targets people who are smaller and weaker than themselves. We portrayed this idea by using me as the bully, as i was the biggest. Another ideoligy that is commenly seen in people is the victim of bullying. these can generaly be seen as a small, weak, looking person, who is smaller than the bully, so thats why we used Will. Doctors tend be to be generally seen as intellignet looking, so we used Dan, as he generally looks smart. We decided to challenge the idea of women playing the role of the victim in a horror film, but mainly for us the only reason for this is the the male part of the group fitted the roles better than the female.
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