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Parent Child relationships

No description

Miss Stallion

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Parent Child relationships

Lesson Objectives:
1. To remember the difference between 'their and 'there'.

2.To form an opinion on the relationships between characters in Romeo and Juliet.

3.To create a poster on the strongest parent child relationship in Romeo and Juliet.
As a table I want you all to create a poster about the two characters with the closest parent child relationship!
Their and There?
Individually and in silence write down the difference between their and there.
with an
is for
I am a person
because it's about
Who has the strongest parent child relationship?
Using your previous notes answer the question above.

You must do this on your own.

You must discuss parts of the play to support your point.

You can use bullet points.

Parent Child Relationships
Tick the lesson objectives you have met!
with spelling like
Must include:

-> Names as a title!
-> Storyline elements that are proof of the relationship.
-> Quotes from the play.
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