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Make a Wish Foundation

Make A Wish Foundation - Civics, By: Narissa, Emily & Sabrina

Narissa Hamid

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Make a Wish Foundation

Mission Statement
By: Narissa Hamid, Emily Pooran & Sabrina Sam
Main Message
Future Goals
Online Page
To grant children with life- threatening illnesses the opportunity to see their wishes become a reality and still allow them to see hope, strength & joy in their lives
Fulfill children's lives with hope, strength and joy by granting their wishes
To always put smiles on their faces
Thank You
Ways to contribute
One-time Gift
Monthly Gift
Tribute Gift
What is a wish?
According to Make a Wish Foundation
Life changing experience for many
The act of kindness & giving
Being able give these children hope and let their dreams become a reality
Even the tiniest things put smiles on a child's face
Taelynn Davis
Osteosarcoma - 12 years old
Adopt a Wish
Allows people of the community to experience the opportunity of making a child wish come true
Kids for Kids Wishes
Takes the concept of wish granting into schools, through interactive fundraisers
Volunteers/Paid Staff
Paid staff and Volunteers basically do the same thing except paid staff are in charge of the paper work
Volunteer Awards
in appreciation of the hard work each year one volunteer per chapter gets nominated for a spirit award
Award winner is based off of Motivation, Determination and Dedication
Third Party Events:
Rope For Hope
Employee Giving
No government funding as they're a no profit organization so they are able to take employee contributions
Measurable Outcome
of Work
Internationally: 334,00 wishes
In Canada: 5,665 wishes
A wish is a desire or hope
More than a nice deed
Reflect ones heartfelt desires
International Wish Day
April 29th each year
Celebrates the anniversary of the very first wish granted
Canadian chapters join together with the international chapters to engage in a big fundraiser
This year marks the 34th anniversary
Historical Details
Make-A-Wish Foundation® was founded in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona
Founder: Linda Bergendahl-Pauling
They were inspired by 7-year-old Chris Greicius' story. He was suffering with leukemia and a patrol team granted his wish of becoming a police officer
Make-A-Wish Foundation® first established in Canada in 1983
The Make A Wish foundation is a great charity that helps children grant wished before their illness become severe and it allows them to have the courage to believe that miracles are possible.
A challenging event that offers the chance for
participants to rappel down the edge of a high story building in exchange for raising pledges
These are fundraising events that are used to receive proceeds from public groups
Includes events such as:
Walk- a- thons
Pizza lunches
Gift with donation

Fund Distribution
All funds raised in Canada support our national wish granting program, and go towards for children in local communities across the country
What Makes Us Different?
Our Impact
Unique Features
Most wishes fall under these categories, “I wish to be . . . ”, “I wish to meet . . . ”, “I wish to go . . . ”, or “I wish to have . . . ”.
Ensure the wish is very personal, involves the family and is free from financial worries
Wish experiences are so unforgettable that they inspire children to fight through their medical struggles.
The organization goes beyod the wish child as many parents and/or friends become involved to make a difference
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