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@CawfeeBean's Grounds

For tweeting success.

Jeremy Peters

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of @CawfeeBean's Grounds

...for tweeting success! Ground 6 Use professional, human, concise language. Minimise text-speak & jargon. Using fewer than 140 ctrs allows comment space Ground 7 Proactively take opportunities
to reply to & mention people whose
skillfulness you crave
but who're not yet famous. Ground 5 Ground 2 Build (on) your brand.
Have clear themes to your
posts that reflect you.
Relate it topically
+ in your profile Adopt influencing styles that
work for you and your
intended connections.
Ask questions relevant to them. Ground 1 Share generously: views, images, unique content. Especially your kindness / helpfulness. Be judicious. @CawfeeBean's Grounds Ground 3 Ground 4 Always target your audience
(followers) and what
they are striving for.
See Twitter as co-production Create or participate
in events
such as live-tweeting
real-life or tweet-chats.
Use the power of hashtags Ground 8 Integrate with other social
channels. Eg Instagram,
Storify, Pinterest, LinkedIn,
Prezi, blogs, your website,
cafes. No time? Respond by tweet-walking
the corridor/street
(mindful of yourself & others)
Don’t wait until you ‘get a chance’ Ground 9 Ground 10 Promote your Twitter handle
in the other real-world.
In your email signature, cards,
websites, coffee queues Ground 11 Above all: be yourself,
be real, be interesting,
have fun.
(That’s only one Ground). February 2013.

For further advice or support,
please contact cawfeeb@gmail.com,
and follow @CawfeeBean on www.twitter.com Follow these 11 principles, and you've got all the grounds for the perfect fresh roasted taste of great Twitter engagement, professional and personal development
and growth.

Enjoy! © Jeremy Peters (Summarising my experience and research) You have a brand. Build on it with clear themes to your posts that reflect you. Relate it topically + in your profile
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