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Poetry as music

No description

julie lee

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Poetry as music

Presented by: Julie Williams Bulletproof Love _ Pierce the veil Bulletproof Love - Pierce the Veil Meaning/Significance I breathe you in with smoke in the backyard lights, we used to laugh until we choked into the wasted nights.
It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone, So darling, don't, don't wake me up, 'cause my thrill is gone.
(Say I'm wrong)
In the sunset turning red behind the smoke, forever and alone.
You've gone and sewn me to this bed, the taste of you and me, will never leave my lips again under the blinding rain.
I wanna hold your hand so tight I'm gonna break my wrist, and when the vultures sing tonight I'm gonna join right in.
I'll sing along, oh 'cause I don't know any other song. I'll sing along, but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on. By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone,
and now there's nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon.
This isn't fair!
Don't you try to blame this on me.
My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me. And god damn it, I can barely say your name,
so I'll try to write it and fill the pen with blood from the sink.
Woah oh
But don't just say it, you should sing my name. Pretend that it's a song 'cause forever it's yours,
and we can sing this on the way home.
I'll sing along, oh
'cause I don't know any other song.
I'll sing along,
but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on.
By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone, and now there's nothing to do but tear my voice apart.
Nothing to do,
and scream at the drunken moon. Lyrics to Bulletproof Love Why Did I pick this song. Intro There are many metaphors in this song this even includes the title of the song.
In line 1 : you don't breathe people in
Line 2 : The night is actually not wasted ( wasted in this case means drunk)
Line 6 : You can't sow someone to a bed and taste what the mixture of you and them combined would be like.
Line 8 : It is physically impossible to hold someone so tight that you break your wrist.
Line 16: The moon is never drunk
Line 31: you can't tear you voice, you can lose it but not tear it.
There are many meatphors however the words "like" or "as" are never used in the song.
This poem does rhyme but in a free verse style.
This song does have a bit assonance, not very much. Poetic devices/elements The meaning of this song is that you meet that special someone and everything starts off well. Then that special someone just doesn't seem to be attracted to you and your trying your best to keep the relationship alive. Then you try and talk to them however they ignore you. Then when you've given up they try to please you and keep the relationship going. However, you become furious and jsut leave because you never want to experice this ever again.
The artist is talking about how in a relationship sometimes only one person is fully committed and that's not enough to keep the relationship alive.
What the message the artist is saying is that it's not always the guys fault that a relationship ends. Also that if your going to be in arelationship both people must be fully committed or someone is going to have theor heartbroken. I chose this song because I think it reflects how most relationships are now -a-days. I also like it because it's taken from the guy's point of view. Most break-up songs side with the girls and talk about how the guy did the girl wrong. However this song shows that girls are also sometimes the cause of a break-up. Also I enjoy that it tells a story. It begins with a happy relationship and then as you continue it gets worse 'till you reach the point where the guy is fed up with all that the girl does and he just leaves.
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