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Assignment 1: Roles of a Sports Leader

No description

Lee Ballard

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Assignment 1: Roles of a Sports Leader

Roles of a Sports Leader
Roles of a Sports Leader
Theory to the Roles
Flash Cards
Assignment 1 Support
Review Coaching
Match the key words on the left with the descriptions on the right
BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport
Assignment 1
What is the difference between a sports coach and a sports leader
Move into your 4 Groups
Group 1: Organiser
Group 2: Motivator
Group 3: Guardian
Group 4: Teacher
Complete the worksheet
Think about your role within that scenario
Be specific
How would you do it?
Why would this be effective?
Pass on / rotate sheets
Add to the new worksheet
Take a Card
Hide your card from everyone
Find someone with a similar area and stay with them
You are not allowed to mention any word on your card, and you can only say 3 words in total to explain your card
With your peer try to find another person or pair with a similar area
Repeat until your in groups
Now What?
Try to come up with what makes your groups cards similar (you can show them now)
Share these reasons
Move into groups of the same colour
What makes your groups cards similar?
Red – Roles of Sports Leader
Blue – Qualities
Green – Characteristics
4 Roles of sports coach
4 Responsibilities of sports coach
3 Skills of sports coach
Still to Complete
4 Roles of sports leader
4 Qualities of sports leader
4 Characteristics of sports leader
Pass / Merit: Complete together (1 slide for each area to discuss)
Distinction: Complete separately (1 slide each for each area - 2/3 slides total for each area for distinction)
Distinction criteria is different for sports coach and sports leader
• Must be prepared
• Plan the activity
• Meticulous planning is essential
• Planning starts weeks before a session
• You’ll need to know, and plan for;
Health (health screening questionnaires)
Personal details (consent forms)
Players previous sporting experience
Players ability
Players physical attributes

• This will help you plan effectively for individuals in your session
• You should also make a contingency plan for;
Bad weather
Lack of equipment
Unavailability of facility
Too many people attending session
• You must motivate
• If you don’t motivate, they lose interest – maybe not come back
• You must learn about their personality to be able to motivate them
• Two types of motivation;
• How do you achieve these (think about your work from Psychology – Assignment 2)
• You have a duty of care over the participants
• You must protect them
• You are responsible for their welfare during session
• Loco Parentis
• You must still teach as a leader, but no necessarily coach
• How do people learn – VAK
• You could ask them to build on previous experiences in other sports (some skills are transferable)
What is your preferred learning style?
Complete the VARK Questionnaire on Moodle
Submit your scores to the teacher
Is this what you expected?
What about as an athlete? Is your learning style the same?
Complete the Athlete VARK Questionnaire on Moodle
Submit your scores to the teacher
Why is this important to know for the players you coach?
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