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French Maritime Empire

No description

Bob Hobert

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of French Maritime Empire

How did empire-building in this era compare to previous eras? French Maritime Empire Building Definition 1. French ruler Louis XIV was in power during France's expansion as an empire.
2. His reign-1643 to 1715-was the longest in French history, covering 72 years.
3. Ruled by means of absolute monarchy, where the monarch has the power to rule the land without laws or restrictions. What's Maritime About it? 1. The empire gained power through economic exploration and colonization.
2. They mainly focused on the fur trade.
3. Had no desire to keep long term settlements as many of these settlements were attacked by the British.
4. After Columbus, France, Britain and other European Empires began to settle in the Americas. 5. Which came about the conquering of the land know as the Louisiana purchase Comparison 1. The French Empire was mostly associated with the British Empire.
2. Although they both control lands in the Americas they both conquered lands through trade and colonization.
3. Although the British Empire encouraged long-time settlements unlike the French Empire. By: Bob Hobert an empire controlled by one power consisting of conquered or annexed island nations, these lands are protected and supported by the governing powers navy. Ruler During Most of this Empire
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