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What was the Role of Men and Women in the Stone Age?

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Tammie van Winden

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of What was the Role of Men and Women in the Stone Age?

Hunter Gatherers
Hunter-Gatherers was one of the
in the stone age. The women would
seeds, nuts, wild plants and they would also cook, make clothes and take care of their children. The men would hunt and paint on cave walls. This
made new tools and some of them we still use. They were able to speak but were still developing in their language. And had a religion by their art on cave walls. Some
they used were fire, arrow heads and way more other tools. And some
they made were flint knives, hand axes and way more. These people were
Homo Sapiens.

Gathering: Bringing all the wild plants, seeds and nuts to the camp
A society: is a community of people who share a culture
Archaeologists: people who discover about the past and prove it is true
Flaking: Is a process of carving stones to make tools for men to hunt
Technology:The tools and skills they used and they needed for life
Artifact: Objects created by the stone age or the past
Specialize: You spend most of the time with one kind of job
Homo Sapiens: That is the name of the the in the Stone Age

The Women's Role
In the Stone age times most of the
were called
In that society most of the women had a role called
. They would gather all sorts of things like wild plants, seeds, nuts and some other things in the wild. The women would also cook the food the men would hunt, make the clothes with animal fur, make accessories with bones and take care of the children. Most of the time the women would stay at the camp. The women did not hunt or paint on cave walls in the stone age. Women had easier jobs than men but they had much more jobs to take care of so they were working as hard as the men were.

The Men's Role
While the women were doing all that most of the men were

in … Hunting. They would hunt in small groups so they can track down large animals like mammoths and big herds of animals. They barely ever hunted alone. Some of the tools they used were flint knives, arrow heads etc. Another thing that men did were painting on cave walls, more known as art.
think that they did that for a religious belief in the stone age times. In the cave walls they drew herds of deers and longhorns and bison running in the grass, Big mammoths walking in around trees and sometimes they even drew themselves.
also said it gave them good luck to their hunting. Men would not
or cook or make clothes and accessories. But they did make their own tools by

I guess some of you maybe don’t know about what the Stone Age people did as a job. In the stone age times you did not really have the freedom to choose a job. And there were not many jobs either. They were all surviving jobs but one job was for religious beliefs. The roles of men and women have been very different in history but right back in pre History there is evidence that there were very different jobs for the men, and other jobs for the woman. These jobs were important in helping everyone survive in very difficult time . The Stone Age.

What was the Role of Men and Women in the Stone Age?
A picture of Women Gathering
A picture of a flint knife and cave painting
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