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charles dilinger

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of christianity

Christianity Marriage ceremonies What is the churches role in marriage, is it necessary? Marriage What is marriage? The opening prayer The opening prayer generally introduces the two involved in the marriage as a couple and incorporates the the giving away of the bride. The purpose of the wedding ceremony is to communicate to your friends and families the point that you have made a solemn and eternal covenant before God. Marriage is a sacred institution under which a man and a woman join together under the grace of God and reflect the love which is shared within the holy trinity. What is the importance of marriage Purpose 1: The purpose of marriage is to create humans in an image which is selfless and giving. The two purposes of marriage Purpose 2: The other purpose of marriage is reproduction. What role does love play in marriage and when is divorce allowed? What constitutes a marriage? Under what conditions is divorce allowed? The giving away of the bride is often done by one or both of the parents however The performance of the charge The charge is performed by the minister to remind the couple of their individual responsibilities as a couple. The charge also prepares the couple for the vows they are about to take. Exchanging of the rings and the kiss Jesus Christ Born in the town of Bethlehem, Judah during the reign of King Herod.
He was born approximately in 4 B.C
His mother, Mary and father, Joseph were traveling from their town of Nazareth to Bethlehem for a census of the people under his rule.
When they arrived, there was no room in the inn, they had to stay in the stable, where Jesus was born. Not much is known about his youth life
At the age of 30, Baptized by cousin John in the Jordan River
1st miracle performed was at the wedding of Cana, changing water to wine.
Went on teaching people the way to live life by loving your neighbour
Gathered 12 close followers called the Apostles Jesus was tempted by Satan in the desert for 40 days
After about 3 years of teaching he road into Jerusalem near the time of Passover
Pharisees saw this as a chance to get Jesus captured
Jesus was betrayed by his Apostle Judas and tried by Pontious Pilate to be crucified
Was nailed to the cross with 2 thieves next to him
Died at 3 in the afternoon and the temple was broken in 2 from earthquakes. His body was laid in a tomb with a boulder in front of it.
3 days later, Mary Magdalene and others were going to pour oils on Jesus' face.
When she got their, boulder was moved and an Angel was in his place and told them that Jesus had risen
They ran to tell the disciples the good news
After 40 days of being risen, Jesus ascended into Heaven and opened the gates for others to follow. Lucifer, Bringer of Light God told his archangels that they were to serve man
Lucifer told God that he would not, they were beneath him
Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and plotted to over throw God. The Revelation of John The Cross The final book of the Bible, tells of the end of days, where the antichrist shall rule over the world, the Lord shall save the chosen 144,000 and the rest must live here as punishment, but if we repent we to shall be saved when Christ returns to defeat the Devil. The cross reminds Christians that Jesus' death was for human salvation.
It symbolizes God's love for humans because He sacrificed His own son for humans.
The early Church did not use the cross as a symbol because of this things associated with crucifixion. Eventually, the cross became an acceptable symbol.
There are many different forms of this symbol. Chi Rho The Chi Rho comes from the Greek word for Christ
This image is associated with the Roman Emperor, Constantine, who saw the symbol before a battle The Fish Is a symbol for Jesus himself
Recalls Jesus' words: "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
It is linked to spreading the gospel of Jesus
It was used, secretly, as a symbol by Christians during a time of their persecution Advent Marks the beginning of the churches new years.
Includes the first four Sundays before Christmas, ending
on Christmas Eve.
This is the time of waiting and anticipation for the coming
of the baby Jesus Christ Christmas Celebrates the birth of baby Jesus
December 25 not really Christ's birthday, but used to
coincide with the first time nights get shorter Lent Starts on Ash Wednesday
Last 40 days, represents the time Jesus' time spent in the desert being tempted by Satan
Consists of Holy Days Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, And Easter Sunday
Ends with Easter Sunday Palm Sunday Last Sunday before Easter
Celebrates when Jesus road into Jerusalem and the people
laid down palm branches and cloths for him.
This was the beginning of Christ's final week. Holy Thursday This was Jesus' last night before the betrayal of Judas
The Last Supper celebrated on this day was actually a passover meal.
This is where we get the Eucharistic ceremony from. Palm Sunday Good Friday The most solemn day in Christianity
This is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified and died. Easter One of the happiest days in Christianity
We celebrate the resurrection of Christ and his triumph over the forces of evil Holy Days and Periods Facts Largest of the major world religions- 2 Billion members
Dates back 2,000 years
Founder Jesus Christ
Religious Leader- The Pope( Current Benedict 16th)
Holy Books include The Bible and The Catechism of the Catholic Church History- The Persecution For the first 300 years of the Church's history they
were persecuted by the Roman Empire
The first was Emperor Nero in 64 A.D
The final being by Diocletain and Galerius at the end of the 3rd century
This lasted till Emperor Constantine made the law making Christianity legal to practice. History- The Great Schism In 1054 A.D, a section of Christians had decided the pope had no right to say he was always right about spirituality
They Became the 1st off branch of Christianity- Eastern Orthodox History- The Reaction Due to overwhelming numbers of people leaving the Church in1500's, the Church had to make some changes.
The Church opened Catholic Universities to teach people in a Catholic view point Vatican Council II Latest change in the Church was in 1965
They brought about the following changes
1) People involved in Mass
2) Mass said in language of the people
3) Priests face people at Mass
Other changes occurred but these are most note worthy Christianity is the largest religion in the world.
It makes up 1/3 of the worlds poplulation.
The 3 largest denominations are the Roman Catholic, the Protestant, and the Eastern Orthodox.
Christianity is most prominent in: Europe, Russia, the Americas, Philippines, Oceania, and more. Italy Italy is a country with a high population
of christians.
53,230,000 of christians 87.8% of total
They have a lot of christian influence because of the Vatican City located in Rome. There are many different pilgrimages all around the world for christians.
In Italy pilgrimages consist of to certain landmarks where martyrs died like Saint Peter, Saint Paul, etc.
A few major pilgrimage sites in Italy are Rome, Vatican City, Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church, and more. Pilgrimage
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