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Thamer Shakarchi

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Netflix

Netflix is most widely known for its on-demand TV streaming service. By 2009 it had reached 10 million subscribers and now has a rough 23 million subscribers world wide. Its initial US distribution method was DVD subscriptions, that was shipped to subscirbes via USPS. When internet streaming was introduced, dvd subscribers were allowed one hour of streming for every dollar they spent on the subscription, however this restriciton was released in 2008 and dvd subscribes could stream as much as they wanted. Soon after, to compete with HULU and Apple Streaming, Netflix split online and dvd subscriptions inot standlaone monthly subscriptions. As of 2016, Netflix announced it has 74 million subscribers.
In 2011, Netflix began introducing original content, with their first TV show House Of Cards, which debuted in 2013. Netflix then proceeded to pick up TV series Lilyhammer and arrested development. In 2013, Netflix released Hemlock Grove and Orange is the new black, which attracted a huge audience. In novembver, Netflix announced a contract dea with Marvel and Disney to produce live acxtion series based on 4 superheroes; Daredeavil, Jzsica jones, Luke Cage and Ironfist. In 2014, as a part of their contract with disney, Netflix released all 6 season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In 2008 Netflix released the first season of breaking bad, which grew Netflix's populrity tremendously, reaching 10 million viewers by the end of the fith season.
Netflix is available world wide excpet for; Syria, North Korea and China. In June 2008, Netflix announced plans to eliminate its online subscriber profile feature. Profiles allow one subscriber account to contain multiple users (for example, a couple, two roommates, or parent and child) with separate DVD queues, ratings, recommendations, friend lists, reviews, and intra-site communications for each. Netflix contended that elimination of profiles would improve the customer experience. However, likely as a result of negative reviews and reaction by Netflix users, Netflix reversed its decision to remove profiles 11 days after the announcement.
Netflix is an American multinational on-demand movie and TV-series streaming service. The company was established in 1997 in Los GAtos, California
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