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Sand Cat Food Web

No description

Hannah Donaldson

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Sand Cat Food Web

By Hannah 7'3 Sand Cat Food Web Acacia gummifera! There is little plant life in the desert but
this plant can survive in it. Snakes Dorcca's Gazelle Primary Consumer one Primary Consumer three Hares Sand Cats! Their ecosystem is in the desert! Secondary Consumer one Secondary Consumer Secondary Consumer three Tertiary Consumers Tertiary Consumer two Producer One Eggs! These eggs are mostly from reptiles
such as lizards Producer two Producer three Roots Water accumulation in the tissues and leaves covered with wax (succulent), lose their roots. Primary Consumer two Hawk Sand Cat Coyotes Mountin Lion Owls Scavenger one Vulture Decomposer one Beetles Decomposer two Bacteria Answers! 1. I think ecologists would want to create a food web for an endangered species because they would want to keep that animal from going extinct so they would see if any animal that eats the endangered species would eat anything else that there is more of and continue to let the animal eat that but limit the animal from eating the endangered species. 2. Factors outside of the food web may influence and affect the balance of the web by: For example if all of the Dorca's gazelles died out, the sand cat wouldn't have a lot of food since they're their main food source. Then it would cause the sand cat population to decrease and then the coyotes but since the Sand cat is already endangered it would have a higher
chance of getting extinct.
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