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CV and cover letter of Dominik Sarapata

No description

Dominik Sarapata

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of CV and cover letter of Dominik Sarapata

1. Dominik Sarapata
20. New employees list Dominik Sarapata Milena Flament Proponent of the
"Flipped" Classroom Education and training Wrocław University of Technology (four years) Technical University of Lisbon
(one year - Erasmus exchange) Thesis Title: ‘Radio Resource Management Strategies for Wireless Mesh Networks’

Thesis fully written in English including:
study of radio resource management strategies,
analytical comparison of radio channel assignment algorithms,
performance evaluation of key node and network parameters,
OPNET Wireless Suite 15.0A simulator usage for scientific simulation. Thesis written in the GROW research group: http://grow.inov.pt/ Level in national or international classification: ISCED5A Field: ICT Networks Design Skills mastered:
analytical thinking
solving logical riddles
engineering solutions
time management 1st year

Mathematical analysis
Algebra and analytic geometry
Computer science
Foundations of System theory
Electircity and Magnetism
Electronic measurements
Circut theory
Linear algebra

2nd year

Practical human communication
Differential equations
Foundations of digital systems
Signal theory
Optimization methods
Nature of the universe
Operating systems
Methods of analysis of uncertain data
Radio networks
Rock climbing

3rd year

Transmission Media
Operations research in teleinformatics
Wide area networks
theory in teleinformatic systems
Teleinformatic system design

4th year

Radio network design
Diagonstic of teleinformatic network
Decision support systems and computer-based simulation
Management systems for teleinformatic networks
Electromagnetic compatibility
Advandec coding methods
Computer network security
Multimedia systems
CISCO CCNA 4 5th year
Advanced topics in networks
Organizational Architectuture of Enterprise information system
Technology based enterpreneurship
Project in network communications
Master thesis in network communications Social skills and competences: Languages Mother tongue: Polish No social borders and a wide horizon:
During my Erasmus exchange and international travels (where I have been hosted via couchsurfing.org community) I enjoyed foreign company and exchanging experiences.
I happily live in an international relationship. Self confidence:
I often needed to defend my point of view in front of an audience. I create reality:
I organise sport excursions, theme parties, dinners where I cook for and with friends. Ability to influence others and convince others that they can, when they think they can not: an ability I developed through teaching sports. Efficient group member, with strong leadership tendencies: Many times I have prepared projects in groups, where good communication skills helped to achieve goals faster. Command of positive, clear and understandable wording for complicated instructions (technical documentation) and in extreme, distracting situations (kitesurfing teaching). Patience and calmness in personal contact developed while teaching sports. Straightforward honesty:
Sometimes painful, but always served with care and followed by suggestions for improvement . Organisational skills and competences Computer skills and competences MS Office Package, Visio, Visual Studio,
Adobe Framemaker, MadCap Flare,
Vasont, XDOC,
Basic Object Level Programming (C++),
Image processing,
Quick learning of new tools` usage. Technical skills and competences creating technical reports,
wireless and cable network planning,
mobile and wireless systems analysis,
analytical thinking,
problem solving. Artistic skills and competences digital image processing in Adobe Photoshop,
creating mind maps and presentations,
hobbies: painting, arts
and crafts Other skills and competences  coaching,
 out of the box thinking,
 holistic view approach,
 quick learning abilities. +43 680 445 73 03 Dominik Sarapata Looks interesting?
Let us meet... dominik.sarapata@yourcompany... Mind Food: Time management: I learnt valuable techniques through successfully meeting targets and deadlines working as a part of the team and as project lead. Presentation skills: In the course of my career and in my extra-curricular sporting activities I often have the opportunity to speak in front of large groups...

Like many people I initially experienced nervousness about public speaking, but through dedicated study and practice I am now a confident speaker who enjoys delivering attention-grabbing presentations. Entrepreneurial mindset: I successfully set up small private sports teaching business...

www.TarifaKiteCamp.eu Innovative Solutions,
Domaniewska 39 A, 5th floor,
02-672 Warsaw, Poland Sector: R&D in wireless systems
4G Technical trainings Work experience Nokia Siemens Networks,
Domaniewska 39 A,
02-672 Warsaw, Poland Sector: Telecommunications
equipment development Tarifa Kite Camp,
Lokietka 5/2,
58-100 Swidnica, Poland Travel organisation and personal coaching Sector: Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Knowledge and mindset: For navigation please use the arrows. Business Development
Internship Main activities and responsibilities:
telecommunication market research with focus on trends and activity of equipment vendors and operators,
handling customer requests and queries, creating customer lists and maintaining CRM system,
tracing, positioning and creating lists of conferences, workshops and fairs regarding LTE and WiMAX systems. Position: December 2009 - March 2010
(while preparing master thesis) Customer Documentation Engineer April 2011 – November 2012 Main activities and responsibiliites:
creating modular customer documentation for WCDMA and LTE systems,
document content definition,
cooperation with R&D and gathering knowledge,
continuous development,
May 2012 – November 2012
assisting PM with main responsibilities. Thanks to my experience gained at Nokia Siemens Networks I know how to manage a project, use IT tools to improve it, work under pressure and demand from others and myself to deliver. I have also seen examples of how not to manage a project... From which I at least learned. Even though I always consciously planned my work, because of other departments input being late, I was working under stress at times. Therefore, I know how to work under pressure and still deliver quality work. I have been working in an organisation, where everyone should know one`s responsibilities, follow the process and focus on innovation and capturing value for the company. Customer Documentation Project Manager November 2012 - February 2013 Main activities and responsibiliites:
driving 3 projects - each at various stage of a lifecycle,
planning the projects, estimating effort, assigning resources,
tracking the projects and reporting the progress,
following the roadmaps, change requests and testing output and managing content changes accordingly,
motivating and training globally dispersed project teams,
coordinating and deploying documentation releases,
developing documentation releases (content & structure),
developing documentation processes with stakeholders,
being single point of contact for documentation issues. In a short period of time with the company I made significant process improvements, delivered training to my peers within the documentation team and was given responsibility for important team decisions. My colleagues say that I create positive relationships easily, conduct meetings effectively and explain issues clearly. As a result of this clear and effective leadership, I was given three documentation projects to manage, each at a different stage of lifecycle and each following different processes. My managers consider me a person that brings order to the chaos of non-standard projects. 01.04.2010 15.02.2013 PM promotion Assigned to a project for
the key customer Position: This company originated out of my hobby and passion. Kitesurfing is an activity I enjoy in my free time, which developed into a learning opportunity for running a successful business. I have learnt to target marketing to reach the appropriate audience, and organise structured activities so that customer expectations are exceeded. Main tasks and activities:
company leadership,
company image development,
developing the business,
travel and event organization,
extreme sports teaching. October 2011; May 2012 CEO Dominik Sarapata Recently relocated to Vienna, looking for a new professional challange.
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