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Year 7 Print Making - All Saints Catholic High School

Print making!

Mr Needham

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Year 7 Print Making - All Saints Catholic High School

...based on the Seasons Spring
Winter Printing Methods Lino Printing Block Printing Can you think of words and colours that describe the seasons? Mono printing
Block printing
Screen printing
Lino printing
Collograph printing Printing Project Develop skills and understand how to use different printing techniques

Develop an understanding of how colour is used to portray atmosphere and emotion in works of art The Seasons: You will be experimenting with some of the above which will lead into a final collograph piece... Mono Printing Screen Printing What types of printing are these images? Collograph Techniques Select a range of colours that represent the different seasons and create a colour swatch on your mind map (completed for homework)

Identify warm, cold and mid range colours

Use pencil crayons or paint This lesson you will... Collect at least six images that represent a season you have chosen

These images can be from magazines, photos, images from the internet or real objects

eg. leaves, flowers, sand, pebbles, shells, fruit, ribbon, wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, silver foil, clingfilm etc. Homework
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