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No description

Maja Deans

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of surfing

Surfing Australia
Duke Kahanamoku
August 24th 1890 - January 22nd 1968
Olympic Swimmer.

Duke Kahanamoku's death
January 22nd 1968
Duke Kahanamoku is recognised at every Surfest.
When Duke Kahanamoku was Born.
Timeline on Duke kahanamoku.
Why I Chose this topic for my Project.

How surfboards are made :

I wanted to learn more about the topic so that when I go surfing, I will be more inspired..

I participate in surfing and surf culture.

I didn't want to keep on doing interior design for my exhibition.
Different sizes and shapes of surfboards.
The gun
LONGBOARD (9-12 feet)

The Fish
Why I chose this topic.

Because doing surfing myself I have been wanting to understand all of the surfing etiquette and rules of surfing. When I started my project on surfing I really wanted to know how surfboards are made these days.
Surfing etiquette and rules of surfing.
The Purpose of Fins

Significant Revolution
The first wetsuits in the early 1950's.

The first wetsuits were made by Jack O' Neil.

The first wetsuits were stitched together by
pieces of neoprene in the form of vests.

Wetsuits are designed to allow plenty of shoulder and knee movement for maximum maneuverability, and are available in a range of thickness.
How and When Surfing came to Australia

The first person to invent the leg rope was Peter Wright.

The first leg rope was invented in the early 1970's.

The leg rope was invented in Raglan, New Zealand.
What would I do differently: Well I'm pretty happy on this term but I only think I need to be more organised.

What was difficult about this project: For sure finding the correct information and making sure it is 100% correct.

What I enjoyed about this project: Getting to do something that I love.
Ups and Downs for this Term...
Thanks For Coming To My Exhibition!
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