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New Zealand

class project

gabby channon

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of New Zealand

New Zealand Adventure
There it is !!!!
The size and population
of New Zealand

New Zealand is........
268670 square km
or 103733 square miles
The population is an estimated guess of 4.2 million
New Zealand Flag
Lets take a look of New Zealand
The Capital City
Wellington is home to
about 393,400 People
North Island
South Island
Bodies of water
New Zealand is surrounded
by two bodies of water
the Tasman Sea and the
South Pacific Ocean
On the South island
there is 3 major lakes
Lake Wauaka, Lake Hawen,
Lake Te Anan
New Zealand only has volcanoes on the
North Island they are Egmont, Ruapehu,
Maroa. These are the only a few of the many
volcanoes in New Zealand
Taranaki is an other name
for Egmont volcano. It is a
non active volcano. This volcanoes
elevation is . It's last eruption
was in the 1850s or 1860s. This volcanoes
type is a
Ruapehu is an active volcano.
It's last eruption was on
September 25 2007. When the volcano
erupted the people had no warnings. The
eruption made a 2.9 earthquake.
This volcanoes elevation is
This volcanoes type is a
2,797 m (9,177 ft).
2,518 m (8,261 ft)
3,792 feet ( 1156 m)
Maroa last eruption was in 1499.
It is
Its type is a Stratovolcano
Rangipo Desert
3,497 m (11,473 ft)

Mount Tasman

Second largest mountain in New Zealand
This is the elevatio
Mount Malta Brun
This is the elevation
Mount Vancouver
Believe it or not but New Zealand
has an mountain named after us
Mount Tasman
3,309 m (10,856 ft)
Malte Brun (mountain)
3,198 m (10,492 ft)[1]
Mount Vancouver
South Pacific
The Mountains
This is a weather map it shows
what the weather is normally like in these
parts of New Zaeland
in the summer between 20 - 30ºC
and in winter between 10 - 15ºC.
This is what it could look like
in the summer
This is what it could look
like in the winter
English and Maori are the official language of New Zealand
Maori came an official language in 1987.
In April 2006 New Zealand became the first country to declare sign language as an official language alongside Maori and English
New Zealand Currency
Their money is written
like this $ or this NZ$
a nickname for their money is
This is a typical house in New Zealand
Most houses are built separate
from neighbours with no connecting
walls or anything. An average older house
is about 120 square metres in floor space
This is a modern house
that people use today
This is a house that
New Zealand people would
live in back in the 1700s and the

New Zealand's modern
clothing is just like
our. Except they mainly
wear shorts and T-shirts
People in New Zealand
wear kind of like
the Aboriginal
clothing. They would
wear this to a special
The most popular sports in
New Zealand are mainly Rugby, Cricket, and Netball.
all of these sports contain some sort of ball.
the sports
It is known for lamb and mutton chops, as well as seafood. Greenshell mussels, true New Zealand natives,
are also very popular in the United States. Other meats popular in New Zealand include beef, venison, cervena
and muttonbird, a bird that tastes like fish. A number of native fruits and vegetables are available,
including - of course - the kiwifruit. A Maori specialty is the hangi, a feast of meat and vegetables steamed
in an earth oven.
New Zealands National
anthem is called God Defend
or God Defend New Zealand
it became their
national anthem in 1940
Waitangi Day is a public holiday
held on 6 February every year
Waitangi also hosts a three-day festival that
includes music, dance, food and traditional
Māori customs.
Maori people also celebrate Waitangi Day
by dressing up in traditional clothing and
going in traditional boats
New Zealand has no state religion and freedom
of religion has been protected since the signing
of the Treaty of Waitangi.
Only 15% of people in New Zealand go to church .
Most people are Christian.

This is what a church looks like in New Zealand
The animals of New Zealand have quite a bit
of history. Before the people came (almost 900
years ago) The country was completely free of mammals, except the animals that could swim or fly.

New Zealand's national animal is a Kiwi (and not the fruit)
The Sky Tower
This is a tower called the Sky Tower. It is based
in Auckland. On the tower you can do 2 amazing things. One is called the sky walk and the other is called the Sky jump. The sky walk is where you walk around the rim of the tower right at the top. The other is where you are in a harness and you jump from the top. Half way through the jump you stop to take a picture.
The tower is 328 meters high or 1,076 ft.
(Famous People)
Wynton Rufer
Wynton Alan Whai Rufer (born on the 29 of December 1962) was a New Zealand footballer (soccer Player) who played as a striker. He spent most of his career in Germany with Werder Bremen, winning a total of 6 titles. He has also appeared in New Zealand's first national team for the FIFA world cup in 1982
What i found most interesting
I found most interesting is that New Zealand people don't really have a religion. and that one of the volcanoes in New Zealand is an active volcano
i would like to go to New Zealand
but i think i would be a little scared
to go because of the volcanoes.
Thanks for watching

I hope you liked my prezi on New Zealand.
By: Gabby
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