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Revolutionary War - VIPs

No description

Colin Carsrud

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Revolutionary War - VIPs

Revolutionary War
VIPs George III King of Britain
Was not fond of Colonies
"We must master [the colonies] or totally leave them to themselves and treat them as aliens."
Called a tyrant. Sons of Liberty Group of lawyers, merchants, and craftsmen.
Most affected by the Stamp Act
Staged protests against the Act. Samuel Adams Leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty.
Urged colonists to resist British control.
Cousin of John Adams Killed in the Boston Massacre
Often considered the first casualty of the Revolutionary War Crispus Attucks Minute Men Members of Militia (armed civilians) in Lexington, MA.
Trained to be ready at a "minute's notice".
Each equipped with a musket, bayonet, and ammo. Patrick Henry Member of Virginia House of Burgesses
Called for resistance to Stamp Act.
"Give me Liberty or give me Death!" Paul Revere Boston silversmith, artist, messenger.
He and associate, William Dawes, were charged with spreading news of British Troop movements.
Famous midnight ride on April 18, 1775.
Two if by Sea; "The Lobsterbacks are coming!" Patriots vs. Loyalists Patriots on side of American Independence
Loyalists, also called "Tories", wanted no aggression with Britain. Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams
Early advocate for women's rights.
John Adams took her advice into most decisions he made. John Adams Defended the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre trial.
Help formulate the right to an attorney and free trial
Later became second President. Lexington, MA Major Battles Captain John Parker "If they mean to have a war, let it begin here..." Concrod, MA Wentworth Cheswill Mixed-race teacher in New Hampshire
Considered first African American to hold elected office in America.
Served in the Revolutionary War. James Armistead The first black "double spy"
Gained confidence of Cornwallis and Benedict Arnold. Benjamin Franklin Grew up during Enlightenment
Helped Jefferson formulate the Declaration of Independence.
Inventor, scientist, ambassador to France.
Greatly inspired by the French Bernardo de Galvez Spanish officer
Helped colonists defeat British at Siege of Pensacola (1781)
Haym Salomon Jewish banker
Helped secure French Loans into on-hand cash for the colonists.
Member of the Sons of Liberty
Thomas Jefferson Another Enlightenment thinker, philosopher
Wrote Declaration of Independence
Became 3rd President of United States
*Died exact same day as John Adams, 50 years exactly after DOI was approved. Monticello Jefferson's home, Charlottesville, VA
Name is French for "Little Mountain"
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