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Driving Change: How to Increase Employee Engagement

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Katrina Kroeze

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Driving Change: How to Increase Employee Engagement

Achieving Sustainability Through Engaging Employees Driving Change Why is Sustainability so Important? How can we make it important to all
employees within an organization? Fewer than 1 in 3 employees are engaged worldwide Having support from employees can make the difference between success and failure... Five Levels of Employee Engagement
by Blessing White Research How to Motivate Employees to be
Engaged in Sustainability Initiatives? Success Stories Strengthening Community Relationships Innovation Improving Operational Efficiency What is Employee Engagement? Contribution to Company Success Other Ways for Engagement... Rewards & Incentives What methods could you use to evaluate employee engagement? How do you Know if Employee Engagement is Working? 1. Look to others for success stories & tactics Final Recap! Opportunity to ask specific questions regarding Surveying Are you Surveying your Employees? Other Metrics Success of sustainability initiatives Total participation in sustainability initiatives Water/energy consumption reduction Waste diversion/capture rate Enjoyment in participating in initiatives Enthusiasm surrounding sustainability E & S knowledge of organization 29% do not survey our employees on a regular basis 21% perform employee surveys but we do not include questions about sustainability 17% ask their employees to participate in a dedicated sustainability survey 33 % of companies include sustainability as one part of a more comprehensive employee survey 5. Survey employees & listen to their feedback 4. Evaluate sustainability initiatives & engagement through use of metrics 3. Use tools to educate and engage employees 2. Understand & evaluate the different levels of engagement within your company Attract/Retain
Best Employees Enhance Reputation Attract/Retain Clients Increase Revenue Reduce Expenses Reduce Risk Personal satisfaction in their role How many of your employees are engaged? Engaged employees plan to stay for what they give; disengaged stay for what they get... Nearly 1 in 5 are actually disengaged Attracting & Retaining Employees Agenda Importance of Sustainability Success Stories Tools to Engage & Educate Levels of Employee Engagement Final Steps Evaluation Metrics Promote Everywhere Connect Be Clear Track Progress Use Media Create Competition Provide Incentives Allow Creativity Key Messaging Make It Fun Gamification Results Behaviours 86 % turned off conference room monitors when leaving
77% turned off desk monitor when leaving cubicle
58% limited cell phone/tablet charging
58% turned off desk light when not needed 86 % of PECI employees participated in the competition
69% of employees checked the online dashboard at least once during the competition
42% of employees checked multiple times
83% of participants said they plan on continuing the new energy saving practices Green Teams Volunteers Social Media Google Approach Rewards & Incentives Green Benefits Recognition Programs Bonuses Cross-functional groups of employees coming together on a voluntary basis
What kind of initiatives do Green Teams lead? Way to engage employees in sustainability initiatives outside of the organization
Can increase employee retention, loyalty, encourages teamwork
What else? Are you using social media?
What are the benefits? 80% - 20% Rule
Spurring creativity & innovation Can drive short-term participation & long-term behavioral change Examples of rewards & incentives Company specific Preferential parking Ex: Subsidies/discounts Transit passes Points or Stuff Program Collect points & Redeem rewards Gamification Who doesn't like a friendly game/competition? Integrating Games into sustainability initiatives The Engaged Almost Engaged Honeymooners & Hamsters Crash & Burners Disengaged High Contribution & High Satisfaction Medium to High Contribution & Satisfaction Medium to High Contribution but Low Satisfaction Medium to High Contribution but Low Satisfaction Low to Medium Contribution & Satisfaction Some employees may only be motivated by monetary incentives. This may pose a challenge for some organizations but can be considered as a tool to increase engagement...
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