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Bentley Hinkle

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Tuareg

Tuareg Climate Region
The Tuareg live in the Western region of the Sahara desert in Africa. They have to fight through the harsh climate of the Sahara day after day. The region of Africa that they are located in is an Arid climate. They have little water and food resources because of the weather conditions. It is far too dry of a climate to grow any food source, and you will scarcely find water.
Tuareg Homes
In order to survive in the arid climate of the Sahara the Tuareg made their homes of adobe. Adobe is good for keeping in the cool air which is needed in the hot weather. The adobe can be strengthened by adding things such as straw which would help protect the Tuareg from anything that could harm their homes.
Most plants in the Sahara typically live a relatively short life. The seeds of plants do not start to sprout or grow until rain falls which does not happen often. The only plants that live longer than normal are ones that find a way to absorb or take in water.
The Tuareg
Sahara/Arid Climate Region
The Tuareg are the regions best known people. They are known for wearing veils in the color of blue. They commute with livestock such as camels. They speak a north African language called Tamasheq. The Tuareg fist appeared as livestock herders.
About the Tuareg
The Tuareg have a very difficult time because of where they are located. The Tuareg live in or near the Sahara desert in Africa. They have to live through schorching heat and capture their food.
What animals do they Raise?
The Tuareg typically only raise camels, but sometimes they raise more than just camels. Although they only raise camels, they have a variety of animals living around them such as white gazelles, antelope, snakes, gerbils, lizards, and small foxes.
How they adapt to the land.
The Tuareg have adapted to the hot climate region by wearing the blue veils which keep them cool. The adobe house that the Tuareg built to live in provide shade and can trap cool air inside. The houses can be improved to keep the Tuareg people safe by adding more ingredients to the mixture of adobe to protect them from anything wanting to harm them. Although the arid region is a hard climate to live in, the Tuareg find ways to make it work.
Tuareg Traditions
The Tuareg women do not cover their heads as other religions teach. Although the veil is used to protect them from heat, it is also used to ward off evil spirits who supposedly try to enter humans through the mouth. Women have economic power as well as the power of owning a family, camels, and other live stock.
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