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Great Depression Conditions


Jared Piilola

on 24 March 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression Conditions

Unemployment In the 1920's when the NYC Stock Market crashed millions of people lost their jobs, homes, families and life savings. FDR's New Deal Men lost their jobs due to the stock market crash. Men bought and then sold fruit on busy street corners. Teachers became taxi drivers. Men could not support their family with no income. Unemployment grew as the G.D. continued. No job=no money=no food People starved to death With no money people could not afford food They had to ration what little food they had People died of shock from loosing their life savings. When the stock fell through people went crazy. Some people died caused from the shock. Created agencies to target young men for work. Government project to create labor
Groups were all over the U.S. Created work, three meals a day and a place to live. Sickness Men were able to eat regularly The men were able to support their families. In all, the Great Depression was a devestating time for Americans and foreiners. Bibliography






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