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Creating a False Need Fallacy

Featuring the Hawaii Chair!

Casey Stotler

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Creating a False Need Fallacy

Was this commercial successful?
NO! This commercial was unsuccessful, mainly because the product was outrageous. It would take a lot of convincing, and possibly some magic, in order to make the chair seem like something you need to have, or even something you would want to buy.
Creating a False Need
Creating a False Need
Creating a false need is when the advertiser uses emotional proof to try to sell a product, making the viewers feel as though they must have the product in order to have a good life. They essentially cause the viewers to think they NEED the product.
Casey Stotler
You need this book in order to raise a smart child.
You must buy this weight loss pill in order to be happy
The fallacy in this commercial:
The commercial lead viewers to believe that in order to stay fit in a busy life, or in order to stay fit easily, you NEED to buy the Hawaii Chair. They portrayed the Hawaii Chair as an easy solution to getting fit, after all, if you can sit, you can get fit!
Other fallacies present:
Appeal to ignorance-there is no evidence the Hawaii Chair actually works.
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