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Something new

No description

Max Pashley

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Something new

Something i would do to change the world Just one thing Maybe The cure for Cancer However, today the one thing i would do to change the world would be... The Spreading threat of... Terrorism 2000 Or 1/3 are human beings are diagnosed with cancer in the UK And It does not end here.. 1975 73 Million 25,000 Fatima aged 16 months Esi caring for his two younger brothers,Kwesi and Labaan (HIV positive) Njua a victim of HIV in Kenya Providing; Food, Water and contraception
to Africa Help? 8Gb Ipod touch = £179 £179 = 235 standard condoms An 8Gb iPod touch = 235 lives + leaving hundreds of children with Parents I suppose playing "Doodle Jump" is more satisfying Xbox 360 + Mw2 = £209.99 One HIV home testing kit = 90p £209.99 = 233 HIV home testing Kits ___________________________________ + + + . I suppose getting a "Tactical nuke" is more fufilling + + + __________________________________________________________________ The solution = A Vaxhaul Corsa = £8,498 Elephant pump = £210 £8,498 = 43 Elephant pumps 43 Elephant pumps = 250 Africans use one Elephant pump per day Providing 250 x 40L = 10,000L litres per day per pump 43 x 10,000L = 430,000L per day ________________________________________________ I suppose a walk to the bus stop is too far, better take the car. Providing thousands of families with the knowledge they need That's the 'Something' i would do to change the world. Finally Finally Ethiopia 80% The sucide rate in the west still exceeds the rate within Africa although the comparison between the standard of living ?
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